Software for KNX - free

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Software for KNX - free

Postby ligo » Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:52 am

Suggestion of a KNX software:

Some descriptions copied from the website:
Intuitive interface
Ligo was designed by an expert team of interface engineers and creative multimedia designers.
The result is the beautiful screen that is really easy to use and can even adapt to any construction plan, from a small house to a large building. The icon modules can be placed over the images or photos and they are also presented in a vertical list panel for more details.
Go to anywhere in the building with just a click or two.

Control KNX modules
KNX is the standard of the building control adopted by almost all electrical manufactures. Everywhere in the world there is a KNX professional installer and many thousands of buildings are already running with this modules and bus.
Ligo selected the KNX because of its open standard and proved efficiency.
There is an endless list of features that you can do with Ligo and KNX. Just make a great installation architecture and then you can configure Ligo to be the interface you dreamed to have.

Users configure their scenes
Make a lot of things at the same time with a single touch, at a scheduled time or after a special even occurred. This is a scene.
Ligo enables the user to select their own group of modules to run, to change the timers and reactions. A scene can even be controlled by an algorithm where any javascript expert can program and make amazing features. But of course this is optional and most of the times you just need to select a list of modules, add a timer or two and have all the combinations you need.

Intrusion alarm integrated
What about using the any detectors in the building to be part of the Alarm System? Use all the lights and the scenes functionality also integrated, making the building react upon an intrusion detection? So that is what we did. Ligo has all the features of a traditional alarm system and much more. It really integrates the alarm with the building and no extra hardware needed. Imagine what do you want the building to do if there is an intrusion detection? What lights you need to turn on or off if you just enter the building and go to the key code panel? How many users do you want? There are no limits with Ligo, just imagine.

This is a warning
If you are enjoying your holidays or for some other reason you are not at home do you know if there is a flood starting in your house? And what about the beginning of a fire or a gas leak? Or a panic button that you configured was just pressed? Ligo will send you a mobile small message and an email with a warning immediately when the sensor gets the signal. You can also select to send it to many recipients at the same time.

Installation support
Ligo can be configured by you directly but if you have any difficulty we have an expert team of engineers ready to support and assist you during the installation of the system. You can also ask other users of their opinion and get help about the Ligo or other KNX subjects at the free online forums:
If you prefer a professional assistance with a response just in time by chat, email, phone call or locally we provide a list of expert Ligo and KNX integrators ready to support you.

Quoi? Что? 何ですか?Was?
Ligo is ready to adopt any language. Your control panel will be perfect in your mother language.
We have already available in English, Russian and Portuguese, but you can ask us to add more and we will include it in Ligo for free!
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Re: Software for KNX - free

Postby gysko » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:02 pm

I just downloaded it and it works very well.
Thanks for the tip
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Re: Software for KNX - free

Postby tag2 » Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:24 pm

cant get it to work at all, also there are no docs available at all for help. As far as i can tell this program is dead.
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