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Toon porting

Postby Ierlandfan » Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:11 pm

As a spinoff from another question about Toon I thought whether we could port Toon to another platform.
Toon is kinda slow but has a nice design (Debatable ofcourse). So if we can somehow port Toon to a Tablet or use the display with a Rasberry Pi we would have more power to work with.
Maybe installing some kind of different Domoticz application in the background for example.
Then I thought about the possibilities and problems of that. Porting binaries, QT, serial keteladapter connection, zwave, etc etc.

So I came up with this: Using some kind of VM like Qemu (Arm-version) to emulate the full OS on another,more powerfull device and by using VNC display (or some other way) display the GUI back on the Toon.
So Toon would be more like a thin client but with unlimited power. This way there would be no problem with the "keteladapter" and the serial connection.
It 's not a big problem to reroute the /dev/ttyx from the original to the emulated Toon. (I hope)

Maybe someone comes up with something shoot!
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Re: Toon porting

Postby marcelr » Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:50 am

It's quite possible to reroute the IO for /dev/ttymxc0 (serial console), /dev/ttymxc1 (boiler) and /dev/ttymxc2 (z-wave interface). For some of the interfaces latency will be an issue.

Then there's the physical interface: You need to talk to /dev/ttymxc0,1,2, /dev/fb0, /dev/input/event0,1,2 etc, /dev/net/tun , room temperature readings are ripped straight off the i2c bus, and probably many other issues.
All information needs to be ripped from toon's hardware, packaged, and sent to another machine which processes it in a VM using toon's native software, sends the replies back to toon which unpacks everything and sends the info to its hardware interfaces.

All possible in itself, but it will take a huge effort in making it actually work. What the gain in performance will be is a big question mark.


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