Making Toon thermostat even smarter!

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Making Toon thermostat even smarter!

Postby globegrabber » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:36 pm

Hello Toonatics,

I want yours opinion about a idea to make Toon smarter for what the thermostat concerns.

Let me explain what I have in mind, before I had my rooted Toon I had a smart thermostat of icy
this is a very basic thermostat only it had an Infra Red motion sensor witch activated to lit up the display and this what I liked it triggers the thermostat if there is motion in the near.
I liked this function to save some energy, I now and I have the all so the app on my phone that I can change the state by the phone, but it happens that I forget to switch the thermostat in away.

This is what I have in mind, I want a create this to the Toon because don't have a internal IR on board this has to be done with a separate component, here comes z-wave around the corner and this is on board of Toon.
This component is what i like to going to use the NEO COOLCAM NAS-PD01Z this is a affordable z-wave IR motion sensor.

I think that it direct need to been connected to Toon so it can work standalone if this is possible?
Only thing this has to be programmed/ configuration with z-wave lua and integrated in the thermostat script, is this possible

If all this is possible, maybe it can be implicate as a tile downloaded from the Toonstore,
This I have in mind witch parameters are needed IR detection on, motion pictogram for activeded,
variable switch time, and to witch state to switch (this can be to a lower as as well as a trigger to going to heat the boiler, maybe there are other ideas?

O I am may self not able to program this and to modify scripts, so I like to ask the forum of there are more Toonatics how like this idea or see here a nice project in, like to hear you critics in this one.

Greets Globegrabber.
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Re: Making Toon thermostat even smarter!

Postby Rudolf » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:36 am

Work is being done by marcelr to enable more control of z-wave on the Toon; i.e. support additional device-types like TRVs.

And even though I like your idea and have a similar plan to connect presence-detection to Toon, I'd prefer to control this from HomeAssistant or Domoticz.
IMO Toon shouldn't get too smart; it has limited resources and it should use those to control the boiler and little more.

Also there's far cheaper (and smaller) (Zigbee) Motion devices for sale from Xiaomi. Hooking those up to the gateway and HASS or Domoticz is a trivial task and offers far more possibilities.
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Re: Making Toon thermostat even smarter!

Postby TerrorSource » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:05 am

This can already be done by Domoticz via LUA-script.

Make some kind of presence detection (i'm using GPS) for all persons in the house.
When no-one's in the house switch Toon > Away
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