Toon custom apps on github

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Toon custom apps on github

Postby TheHogNL » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:28 am

Hi all,

TSC has decided to publish the toonstore custom apps on github for easy app development (and deployment). You can find the repo list here:
Somewhere in the near future the toonstore app will download your custom apps on your toon directly from github instead of the current forum download location.

We also created a git client for the toon to help developing on the toon. Because of the disk space needed for this git client we recommend to only use this on a toon2. Below is how you can install this git client on a toon2 (a toon1 installation will follow later) and how to start developing/making changes to the apps yourself!

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opkg install
opkg install

git config --global push.default simple
git config --global core.pager more
git config --global credential.helper store
git config --global your-email-address
git config --global your-github-username

List of TSC custom toon apps:

If you want to develop yourself, create a fork of this repo to your own account by clicking on the Fork button (top right) of the app's repo. This will copy the code to your account.
Then browse to your own copy of the app's repo in your account and hit the 'download or clone' button and copy paste the html link. Then use that link in the command's below to clone your repo to your toon:

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cd /qmf/qml/apps/
git clone #your html link here#

Next a small git howto develop. To add new created files to be tracked with git use this command:
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git add the-new-file-name

Then if you are finished with developing and are happy to put this as new change, do this:
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git commit -am "your reason for the change you made"

And then when you are completly sure your changes are good and working you can push it to your own github repo with (first time using this command you need to enter your github credentials):
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git push

If you are very happy with your changes and want the rest of the community to use your changes you can send a "pull request" to the original TSC repo. You hit the 'create pull request' button in your own repo for that. If you want help with this ask in this topic as explaining this part is too much for this short manual.

Sometimes you need to pull new changes (if they are newer) from your own github repo back to your toon. You use this command for that:
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git pull

Some easy tips to debug your QML code changes.
First enable QT logging on your toon:
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sed -i 's#startqt >/dev/null#startqt >/var/log/qt#' /etc/inittab  ; init q ; killall -9 qt-gui

Then you can look in to the /var/log/qt file for error messages. If you put qml code lines like 'console.log("DEBUG: this line is a test" + variable")' this will print these debug line plus variable in that /var/log/qt log file. You can ofcourse use the 'grep' to find what you are looking for in the log file.

Don't forget to close the logging of the QT if you are done developing or else your Toon filesystem will be filled with the log file pretty fast. Use this to stop the logging:
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sed -i 's#startqt >/var/log/qt#startqt >/dev/null#' /etc/inittab  ; init q ; killall -9 qt-gui
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Re: Toon custom apps on github

Postby Toonz » Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:37 am

Great stuff, this will also trigger a new version of the ToonStore/TSC helper scripts, using the github releases for installation instead of the ipk's.
This will definitely drop application support for firmwares 4 and below (this trend is already ongoing for some weeks anyway).
And it is much easier for everyone to contribute to further developments.
Great initiative !!!
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