Toon1 boot issue

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Toon1 boot issue

Postby TheHogNL » Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:22 pm

Hi all,
Due to github URL changes a script change was necessary yesterday. We regret that a bug was introduced causing the download of resource files on a toon1 to fail. This will then result in a toon1 not able to show the GUI anymore (the toon stops booting at about 33% of the GUI screen).

For now it seems that we can not provide a automatic fix for these affected toons. So you might need to fix it yourself.

Easiest way is to SSH into your toon and issue this command:

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rm /usr/bin/tsc ; reboot

This will remove the faulty tsc script and after a reboot a new tsc script will be downloaded automatically. This new script will then fix the resouce files. After about 8 mins you will notice a starting GUI again.

Another fix, without reboot:
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/usr/bin/curl -Nks --retry 5 --connect-timeout 2 -o /usr/bin/tsc
killall -9 tsc

This downloads the new tsc script directly and then restarts it by killing the old version.
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