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Software selection

Postby ajwkappe » Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:51 pm

Hi Home Automation geeks :-)

Some of you will tell me that I am nuts and on the wrong 'foot' by using Kaku for my Home Automation, however... it is cheep (most important), to my satisfaction it is very reliable, it has a very wide choice of modules and it fits with my current wall-fitted-actors.

Now, I am currently using the JBMedia software for control, in combination with the Roomie iOs remote and it works fine. Although I am now seeking to control more of my appliances with the use of Events or Triggers. This is not possible with the Lightmanager Studio software unfortunately.

Questions to all of you:

1. What would be a good (and not too expensive) software solution to start controlling my devices (see list at bottem)
2. Which additional devices do I need to control KaKu. ( Iassume the RFXcom)

Requirements: The software needs to be controlled by iOs devices and preferably also with my Harmony 1100.

Current setup:
- Windows 7 Server
- iTach IR transmitter
- Lightmanager Pro
- Plugwise USB stick
- Logitech Harmony 1100 (For controlling Mediacenter from living room only, dedicated remote)
- Toon from Eneco (does not need to be integrated, but would be nice, even better if I can use the interface as remote control)

I have tried Homeseer a few years ago, but the price is high and too much work to develop and design a user interface.

Many thanks!
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Re: Software selection

Postby raymonvdm » Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:59 pm

HomeSeer PRO comes with HSTouch designer which makes it quite easy to create screen with buttons on iOS and Android device although it is expensive you can try two things

- Buy one second hand from someone
- Buy one using the holiday discount days (discount up to 50% can occur but you wil have to wait for it)

In the mean time you can try Domotiga on an old pc or RaspberryPI
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