Network Camera doorbell front plaques

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Network Camera doorbell front plaques

Postby Esteban » Sat May 21, 2011 9:24 pm

Stumbled upon this: They're not so much new cameras, but are 'plaques/boxes' that allow you to convert your Panasonic and Axis network cameras in network doorbells with camera. You buy the plate and then stick a network cam in there. No idea what the prices are. ... Itemid=244

Panasonic cam used
900_BLK.jpg (15.96 KiB) Viewed 4503 times
Panasonic cam used
513_BC.jpg (16.47 KiB) Viewed 4503 times
Axis cam used
408_BC.jpg (15.16 KiB) Viewed 4503 times
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An IP POE door bell camera

Postby olof » Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:30 pm

While surfing on the IP camera forum, I came across an interesting IP POE door bell camera solution. Could perhaps be of use for some forum members here.

It's an electric box which contains a doorbell and in which you can put an Axis or Panasonic IP camera.

The relevant discussion: ... t5260.html

And the solution they were talking about:
USA company: ... Itemid=244
I've also included a diagram of their model 408. No idea about prices

Personally, I think I prefer the Mobotix solution since it's one complete package from one European supplier. The Mobotix was already discussed earlier

001_13 Network Camera Prewire.pdf
Model 408 diagram
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Re: Network Camera doorbell front plaques

Postby abl » Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:14 am

There is also an Aiphone device ( that is working in an IP-environment. Is there anybody who has any experience with this (I'm planning to buy one of these IP-video-intercoms for my house)? Can these be integrated in Homeseer (f.i. when someone rings at the frontdoor that Homeseer can trigger events)?
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