Energy management project

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Energy management project

Postby TANE » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:45 pm

Begin of June Greenchoice starts with a project to make the user aware about there power consumption.

Everyday at the same time you have to enter the measurements on the greencoice website.
The website will show you your daily usage and calculates your year usage.

4 years ago my usage was around 8000kwh
last year 4650kwh

Early this year I replaced almost all the devices for devices with low energy consumption (AAA label).
Based on calculation of greencoice my consumption will drop an extra 1000kwh this year. It will be around 3500kwh(I have no gas), My goal is 4000Kwh p/j
After installing solar panels I will produce 1200kwh.
This cuts my consumption back to 2300kwh

Reduction in 4 years is over 60%, while currently using more devices (several running 24/7). This includes also +/- 150 domotica devices.
All the power of the solar panels will be used to power the domotica devices.

But, will my consumption be lower without domotica...?
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Re: Energy management project

Postby AshaiRey » Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:11 am

I too am tracking for 24/7 energy sources throughout the house and when i look at the overview this far i can safely say that your energy consumption will be lower without domotica then with. However you will loose a lot of the added comfort.
For example i have 22 KaKu devices in use. Together they use 11W (24/7) This counts up to 96,4KWh/j
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