Control Bticino Myhome from my opensource web app

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Control Bticino Myhome from my opensource web app

Postby grasshopper » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:30 pm

I spent my free time creating a web-based solution to control lights, shutters, the alarm etc. from Bticino MyHome. Since I have made use of so much information freely available on the web to realise this, I wanted to donate back what I have created. (Yes, it is free as in speech... libre, and free as in
Thanks to the openwebnet protocol of Bticino, this platform allows you to control your Bticino Myhome from a webpage, which is completely responsive, so not only usable on windows/Linux, but also on tablets and smartphones (Android, Apple and Windows tested).
The Grasshopper files are a set of HTML/PHP/CSS/JS files, which are tailormade for my environment. You can re-use and adapt the code to your environment. (That is part of the fun). So I am providing building blocks, rather than an OOTB solution.
However, I believe the Grasshopper files come with enough documentation to get you started, I am not giving support for this platform, since it works on my environment and I have a full agenda as it is.

Watch the video for an overview:

Download Grasshopper from: ... app/files/

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