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Control Bticino Myhome Domotica with Raspberry Pi

PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:20 pm
by grasshopper

just to inform you that I created a web app to control Bticino MyHome from a Raspberry Pi, which I called "Grasshopper".
I truly believe this is not only an innovation for the Bticino community as such (this because, prior to Grasshopper, no opensource - responsive design - web application existed to control Bticino Myhome up till now)
but you will find that ALL THE CODE IS READABLE in notepad (or notepad++ :-)) => this can help you take parts of the code to make your own project with it.
In Grasshopper V3, a python-based script continuously monitors the Bticino Gateway for events and logs these in a MySQL DB table. My front-end AJAX script checks for updates in the table and shows this in the frontend.
Just an idea, if you customise this monitor, you could make this manage a variety of scenarios.

If you choose to test Grasshopper, I would very much value your feedback, either in this forum, on youtube or on Sourceforge.