Need help, smart home project

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Need help, smart home project

Postby htevents » Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:08 pm

Hello all,

At the moment I have a few Hue bulbs and Tradfri bulbs in my home. They are mounted in the original fixtures and with the wall switches alway in ON position. In my living room, I have 3 EU wall switches on a row. They "melt" toghether with a covering window (really don't know the English word for it, sorry). 1 switch is for a non converted light (still a normal fixture with a normal LED bulb) and the other two are for the fixtures fitted with Hue bulbs.

What I want is this: change the switch for the non converted light for a touch wall switch (like this: [url][/url] ) and the other 2 with a same style touch switch, but only a remote version (the first one will be seen as a light, so the switch itself can be controlled manualy and with the Hue app, and the other two must be seen as remote by the Hue app, so I can tell Hue to switch on the living room light when the switch is activated).
As you may have read, I want to be able to control the switches and remotes thru the Hue system, so they must support the ZLL protocol. The one in the above link has that, but I couldn't find where to buy it.
Also, all three porducts must have the same style, so 3 will fit nice next to each other where the original switches are now.

Another thing I ran into is a smart multiswitch setup. I can switch the hallway light from downstairs and upstairs. Is there a smart swich that can handle that principle, so I can replace both the downstairs and upstairs switch for a smart switch and control a single, conventional light with 2 smart switches and the Hue app?

I hope you understand my wishes and can help me with them.
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