Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

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Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby gizmocuz » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:22 pm

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce a new open source home automation system called 'Domoticz', and there is no better day to launch it on Christmas day ;)

It's almost finished, the one thing missing is the Event system (When a switch is pressed, and it's dark, turn on light 1/2/3), but i will implement this as soon as possible.

Everything else should work as expected!

The Domoticz system exists of two parts:
1. A light weight deamon (windows , unix (Raspberry Pi)
2. A web based frontend

And of course it is possible to use it offline on the iPhone/iPad (and possible Android) by creating a shortcut on your homescreen.

Required Hardware:
RFXCOM transceiver (for example the 433,92 Mhz)

All hardware supported by RFXCOM should work with the system, including temperature, rain and weather sensors.

It is also possible to reshare your sensors, or to use someone else his/her sensors.

All information can be found on:

if there are people wishing to participate in the project, please ;)

With kind regards, and Merry Christmas!
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby Noel » Thu Dec 27, 2012 3:10 pm

Hi Rob,

I've been playing with it, and it does look nice!
To bad (for me) that it only supports RFXcom :/

Good luck with the project!
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby blb » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:18 pm

Hi Rob,

I have tried the windows version to check your creation. It looks very promising to me, very small footprint! It looks like my RFXcom Receiver / Transmitter is not supported (yet?). What are your interface support plans? What about plugwise, IrTRans, bluetooth, twitter, Fritzbox, ELV MAX!, OTGW (opentherm Gateway), TELNET & scripting interface?

Good luck with the project, if it's a bit further I could maybe help with OTGW & ELV MAX! scripting interface.
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby sj3fk3 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:44 pm

Second the plugwise, ELV MAX! and OTGW! And for me domotica should always run in Linux and never on Windows, but that's probably because I'm Windows-handicapped. But apart from that there is stability and resources to be considered. Linux makes things like Raspberry Pi (or openWRT boxes posible). I'm not really a developer myself, but I would think that supporting Windows and Linux with C is a though cookie, wouldn't it be a better idea to us something like python? Just saying :)

I like the way it looks! I'm sure going to give it a try.
Kind Regards,
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby sj3fk3 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:56 pm

Update: Giving it a try :)

Couple of points. Architecture wise I would make the webserver part optional. I would prefer to use my defaul webserver (nginx) and when resources count why run two servers if you can do it with one and I see some code to support the P1 port via serial, that is GREAT! But it's not yet configurable am I correct?
Kind Regards,
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby blb » Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:09 pm

Rob, Greg,

I tried the windows version first because I'm currently Linux handicapped :). I do plan to switch to Linux for domitica as well, that's why I bought a Rasberry pi. Yesterday I did suc6full installed Domoticz on the Rpi following the instructions from Rob! Although I'm for sure not a developer myself, I have some experience with Python, Perl and VB.
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby sj3fk3 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:07 pm

One day raspberry pi's are going to rule the world! Mark my words...
Kind Regards,
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby Digit » Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:52 pm

Surprising to see that I'm also a contributor to this project! :lol:
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby itm » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:05 pm

Could you please tell me if this hardware supported by Domoticz?
RFXLAN Transceiver 433.92 MHz with LAN interface
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby mbliek » Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:05 pm

itm wrote:Could you please tell me if this hardware supported by Domoticz?
RFXLAN Transceiver 433.92 MHz with LAN interface

No, only the usb version is supported.
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Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

Postby mbliek » Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:45 pm

The work for Domoticz has gone fast the last months.

Just some protocols/devices that are supported at the moment:
RFXtrx 433 USB
ZWave that does make use of OpenZWave and the RaZberry
P1 Smart meter (USB and LAN)
E-Thermostaat (ICY Thermostat)
S0 meter USB
Teleinfo EDF USB
SMA spot
Weather Underground
Forecast IO
Harmony Hub (not officially jet)
Blocky events
LUA scripting
Here is the complete history log from the beginning:

Code: Select all
Version 1.0.xxxx (March xxth 2014)
- Implemented: Initial Support for
- Implemented: Temperature/Weaher widgets forecast button if hardware is WU/
- Implemented: Widgets now turn yellow (if no timeout) if the battery level is <= 10 percent
- Implemented: Temperature Month/Year graphs now display min/max as a range
- Implemented: Temperature Month/Year graphs now displays Average Temperature
- Fixed: Scene/Group editor now displays Level is the first light/switch supports it when entering the page
- Changed: Raspberry Pi temperature reporting intern. (should save an extra return in the log output)
- Changed: Mobile Dashboard now uses buttons to toggle state
- Implemented: EnOcean ESP2 (TCM-120) support for On/Off/Dimmer,Temperature,Humidity and LightSensors
- Changed/Fixed: OTGW TCP/IP working now
- Implemented: OTGW, option to specify outside temperature sensor (hardware setup)
- Implemented: OpenZWave, option to configure node list settings
- Implemented: OpenZWave, option to delete failed nodes
- Changed: All external hardware sensors without RF now reports rssi level 12
- Implemented: Option to display temperature in Fahrenheit
- Fixed: Razberry, problem with door sensors
- Implemented: Charts have now a dropdown option, export to CVS
- Implemented: Option to control Meiantech security status
- Implemented: Light Log, Arm/Disarm/Motion/No Motion now also visible in graph
- Implemented: OpenZWave, option to include/exclude nodes, support for windows COM port numbers greater then 9
- Fixed: Razberry, supports now devices with multiple switches (SENSOR_BINARY)
- Changed: Other method to retrieve raspberry pi temperature
- Implemented: Option to specify S0 Meter serial baudrate
- Implemented: Slovak translation (Thanks to marek786 !)
- Implemented: Weight Scale now includes a digit in the graphs
- Implemented: Pushover notification support
- Implemented: Thermostat3 Support (Mertik)
- Implemented: Support for P1 Cables with baudrate 115200
- Fixed: Limitless/AppLamp problem
- Fixed: Pushover test option in the settings page
- Implemented: Dashboard tiles can now be ordered for room-plans
- Implemented: Allow interactive emulation of X10 sensors
- Implemented: Switch On/Off actions can now also be used from outside domoticz (for instance using them to an actual remote control)
- Implemented: P1/Counter log, Previous year in charts
- Changed: Temperatures are now valid till 380 degrees
- Implemented: P1/Gas/Counter log, report charts
- Changed: no more hour:minute in month/year graphs
- Fixed: OTGW, dunit was not set
- Implemented: Support for Remote Control buttons (On action Only!)
- Changed: Lots of work on charts plotting
- Implemented: Initial Support for SolarEdge Inverters (SE5000 and similar with TCP/IP interface)
- Implemented: Initial Support for SMASpot compatible solar Inverters
- Implemented: Option to Enable/Disable Widget Re-Ordering (settings page)
- Fixed: OpenZWave fixed possible problem with Alarm Level/Flood/Smoke/Heat value changes
- Implemented: Razberry COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_MODE (0/1)
- Implemented: Razberry COMMAND_CLASS_SCENE_ACTIVATION (push on button) on Instance_0
- Implemented: jsonp support
- Implemented: Web Frontpage Example
- Implemented: Blinds Percentage switch type (Fibaro rollershutter)
- Implemented: Bulgarian translation (Thanks to Tommit!)
- Implemented: Razberry Voltage/Ampere
- Changed: ZWave, Power sensors that does not transmit usage, now used as power instead of usage
- Fixed: Problem in requesting devices when a Voltage device was queried (after this device no more where retrieved)
- Implemented: New General Voltage devices with 3 decimals
- Implemented: Script parameters for Light On/Off actions
- Implemented: openzwave Voltage/Ampere
- Implemented: SMASpot, voltages, efficiency, Hz and Bluetooth signal strength
- Implemented: SMASpot, accepting windows edited configuration lines!?!!...
- Implemented: SMASpot, Temperature
- Implemented: OTGW, status switches
- Implemented: Portuguese translation (Thanks to maluko!)
- Implemented: Report for RFXMeter Water
- Updated: Highcharts 3.0.10
- Implemented: Thermostat 3 (Mertik) now visible on dashboard
- Fixed: Shortlog cleanup for Percentage/Fan
- Removed: Unused Save/Delete buttons in edit Scene/Group
- Implemented: Norwegian translation (Thanks to Sungrazer!)
- Changed: Translation Language Loading
- Implemented: protection option for light/switches/scenes/setpoints

Version 1.0.1396 (January 18th 2014)
- Implemented: new commandline option to specify www root folder (-wwwroot)
- Implemented: Limitless/AppLamp, option to set Hue/Brightness in the Edit option
- Implemented: Limitless/AppLamp, can now also be used as 'Dimmer'
- Implemented: Limitless/AppLamp, can now be set to a defined color in scenes/groups/timers
- Fixed: Device/Scene/Group names can now included special characters like %
- Fixed: Edit Users, right combobox did not correctly update when selecting a user
- Fixed: User Devices for Users that did not have 'Shared' rights
- Fixed: Hardware Settings, Domoticz remote server port display
- Changed: Contact notifications now says 'Open/Closed' instead of 'On/Off'
- Fixed: Commandline option for linux now ignores slash character /
- Implemented: various improvements to have Domoticz compile in VS2010 straight from the repository
- Implemented: Windows installer option to install as service (for server implementations, no icons will be installed)
- Implemented: www port can be specified in windows installer
- Implemented: OpenZWave, now possible to set Node configuration settings
- Fixed: Day string logging for the DT1 - RTGR328N device
- Implemented: Dashboard, clicking on a Motion/Dusk/Rain sensor icon will display the log
- Fixed: RFXtrx hardware can now also be compiled/used accross big-little endianess systems
- Implemented: Windows, Support for OpenHardwareMonitor supplied sensor data in Windows version of Domoticz. See wiki for info. If you see a hardware device "Internal sensors", please delete it. The correct one to use is "Motherboard".
- Fixed: Hardware started/stopped state, should fix the double starting of hardware
- Fixed: Fixed problem with lux day value
- Implemented: Option to delete data point from sensor by Shift-Left click on short log for temp/uv/lux/usage graphs
- Implemented: New 1-Wire system (thanks to S�bastien)
- Fixed: Scene/Group timer editing (specified days was incorrectly handled)
- Implemented: Initial support for RGB driver TRC02
- Fixed: Autobackup
- Fixed: Endianess problems
- Implemented: New 1-Wire system (Thanks to Sebastien!), Kernel users have to transfer old sensors to new ones (device id is swapped in hex)
- Fixed: PiFace hardware port notation
- Fixed: I2C BMP085 hardware port notation
- Updated: Highcharts 3.0.7
- Implemented: Option to specify On/Off actions for lights/switches (http/script)
- Fixed: LightWaveRF dimming
- Changed: Smoke Detector reset button now gray when there is no panic, purple when there is
- Implemented: Application Settings, option to enable/disable adding of new hardware/devices (For example to disable newly received RF hardware)
- Implemented: Polish translation (Thanks to Jastrzi !)
- Fixed: URL encoding in Edit Light/Switch
- Implemented: Creation of 2 new database parameters in DeviceStatus
- Implemented: Creation of auto backup folders
- Fixed: Level dropdown now hidden in Scene/Groups for RGB devices
- Implemented: Prowl/NMA notification priority (not in Lua/Blockly yet)
- Implemented: Russian translation (Thanks to kur1977)
- Implemented: Ignoring negative WU rain/uv/visibility values
- Fixed: openharwaremonitor drifting WMI id's. Please delete all previous ohwm devices and select the new ones with slash paths in the id.
- Implemented: day & nighttime boolean variables in Lua
- Implemented: Notification Priority in Lua/Blockly
- Fixed: Switch On/Off action deletion
- Implemented: Implemented RisingSun manual add light/switch option
- Changed: Door Lock/Contact switch type now also handles 'Set Group Level'
- Fixed: Rego6XX counter logs did not work
- Implemented: Security Panel delay
- Implemented: Dummy hardware, option to add counter/electric sensors
- Implemented: Blockly/Lua, Send Email notification to
- Fixed: OWFS Windows, Counter(s)
- Implemented: Prevent multiple windows instances from running
- Fixed: OpenZwave for windows release build
- Fixed: Notifications for Rego6XX status (switches) were not working
- Implemented: OpenZWave Controller node configuration (PollInterval)
- Implemented: Initial support for EnOcean hardware (Only ESP2, protocol V2) at the moment, and switches only
- Changed: Log file will append, not deleted when domoticz is restarted
- Implemented: gzip compression for web traffic
- Fixed: Usage/Meter (year/month) did not report correctly for values older then one year (not also uses less web traffic)
- Changed: S0Meter extended for devices with 5 wires
- Updated: Highcharts 3.0.9, JQuery and JQueryUI
- Fixed: Transfer dialog did not show correct title in front of destination device
- Implemented: P1 Smart meter, counter values in report

Version 1.0.1186 (November 16th 2013)
- Fixed: rain week log, some top legend values did not show on the chart
- Implemented: Counterlog, Week chart, legend values
- Implemented: Room Plan editor, dashboard room selector
- Implemented: Razberry, support for switch only devices (will be reported to controller NodeID)
- Changed: ByronSX now uses the sound type as Unit ID
- Implemented: Option for each timer type to enable 'Randomness'
- Implemented/Changed: Scenes 'Learn' command will now listen to the status (pressing On/Off/Mood)
- Changed: Room Plan editor, now allows to assign devices to multiple rooms
- Implemented: Camera Setup, Streaming Icon
- Implemented: Dashboard/Lights/Scenes now displays a webcam icon when used in a Camera Setup
- Fixed: Creating a virtual device when there where no devices in the system did not work
- Implemented: Room Plan editor, now possible to add Scenes/Groups
- Changed: Lua scripts, now only works when file ends with .lua
- Implemented: Option to enable/disable menu tabs per user
- Implemented: Dim levels in steps of 5%
- Fixed: Notifications (NMA) was not send if the API key contained spaces
- Fixed: Siren Switch type can now be switched on/off
- Changed: Lua example scripts now in UTF8
- Implemented: Solar Radiation for Davis
- Fixed: Enable/disable menus for remote admin users
- Implemented: CM180i, now also displaying total usage
- Implemented: Room Selector now also vissible on mobile devices
- Fixed: Editing (changing the name) of security devices
- Implemented: Added Visibility/Solar Radiation to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Razberry Smoke Alarm
- Changed: Rain values will now update in realtime (was every 5 minutes)
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_dewpoint to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_rain to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_rain_lasthour to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_uv to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_winddir to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_windspeed to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Added otherdevices_windgust to Lua scripts
- Implemented: Rain, Short Log in graph
- Implemented: Teleinfo UDF French power meter
- Implemented: Livolo hardware supported (switches/dimmers)
- Implemented: BBQ hardware supported (Maverick ET-732)
- Fixed: Random Timer interval in the setting page was not stored
- Implemented: Dashboard, clicking on Energy/P1 Smart Meter/Lux icons displays the log
- Implemented: Hardware type list is now sorted
- Fixed: Possible problems when adding a manual switch (Invalid Switch ID message)
- Implemented: New Version notification with version info, and option to review the latest changes
- Implemented: Added more log buttons to the devices tab
- Implemented: Rollertrol now displays a stop button
- Changed: Added leading zero's in the Power/Gas reports for the months (work around)
- Implemented: Transfer Temp/Temp+Hum now possible between different subtypes
- Implemented: OpenZWave initial support (Aeon USB Stick V2), with Temp/Hum/Lux/Power/Energy/Switches
- Implemented: Alecto SA30 smoke detector hardware support
- Implemented: Oregon EW109 Temp+Humidity sensor support
- Implemented: Revolt Power meter hardware support
- Implemented: Limitless/AppLamp/WifiLedLamp (with Wifi Hub) hardware support
- Implemented: Clicking on the security-panel icon in the dashboard/switch tab brings you to the actual security panel
- Implemented: Option to manual add a ByronSX doorbell

Version 1.0.1087 (Oktober 16th 2013)
- Implemented: Login page (solves the caching problems)
- Fixed: buttons add sensor/switch buttons now hidden for 'viewer' users
- Implemented: option in settings for basic-auth login type
- Changed: Logout button now placed under setup for users with admin rights
- Changed: Soil Moister sensor type moved as subtype of general sensors
- Implemented: Leaf Wetness sensor
- Changed: Removed actual meter values for meters sensors in dashboard, only usage/return is displayed
- Implemented: Option to specify local networks with mask (,
- Fixed: non admin user devices view (was only working correct for user with ID=1)
- Implemented: Temperature Dewpoint in custom graph
- Fixed: Camera special video/image url characters
- Implemented: P1 Smart Meter electra, Report view
- Changed: New splash screens for iOS
- Changed: Dutch translation, and added extra TO field
- Implemented: Report view for: P1 Smart Gas electra, CM119/160
- Implemented: Web Update now also supported for armv7l systems (cubieboard2)
- Changed: P1 Smart Meter Energy, removed Actual as it is displayed in Big
- Changed: P1 Smart Meter Gas, added Today value in Big
- Implemented: Option to Restart/Shutdown the system
- Implemented: Option to update to Stable or Beta versions
- Changed: webupdate for armv7l (cubieboard2)
- Implemented: time safeguard (for systems without RTC)
- Implemented: Swedish language support (thanks to the community!)
- Fixed: 1Wire illegal temperature (exactly 85 degrees)
- Implemented: 1Wire Voltage support on Utility/Dashboard
- Fixed: P1 Smart Meter Electra Utility refresh value for meters with return supply
- Fixed: Cost reports where meter had no previous month
- Fixed: Razberry Dimmer On/Off command
- Implemented: WU, extra protection for wind speed/gust
- Changed: iPhone/iPad shortcut icon
- Implemented: Raspberry Pi camera parameters
- Fixed: Baro meter temperature graph keep showing loading effect
- Fixed: P1 Smart Meter power, now reports 0, when timeout
- Fixed: Rain week chart (caused by new highcharts version)
- Implemented: Logging RFXSensor AD/Volt
- Fixed: Eventsystem, ampersands in OpenUrl not stored in database
- Fixed: Eventsystem, problem where inactive event would still trigger when multiple events apply
- Implemented: Eventsystem, Comma now supported in event OpenURL
- Implemented: Eventsystem, Events now triggered by security state change implemented script_security_name.lua for sec panel triggers in lua.
- Implemented: Local hostname now automatically included in Local Network setup
- Implemented: RFXSensor Voltage, Log/Notifications
- Implemented: S0 Meter USB
- Changed: Dutch translation, now UTF8 based
- Implemented: Security Panel status now in device list
- Implemented: Chime Byron SX
- Implemented: Alecto WS1200 (Temp+Rain sensor)
- Fixed: Light/Dimmer status when switching groups
- Implemented: Dashboard, clicking on the Temperature/UV/Wind/Rain/Baro/Lux icons displays the log
- Implemented: Temperature Average is now being logged, needed later for Degree Days
- Implemented: Eventsystem, Utility Device support for Energy,Gas,AirQuality,RFXSensor(Volt/AD),RFXMeter
- Changed: Dashboard Smart meter display in mobile mode
- Implemented: Scenes/Groups device ordering
- Changed: RFXCOM mode setup, RFU5 -> ByronSX
- Fixed: Shortlog History days display when showing graph from dashboard
- Fixed: Security devices always showing as switchtype 0
- Implemented: Notification intervals extended
- Implemented/Fixed: HTML5, New Alert/Confirmation system to solve iOS issue
- Fixed: devicechanged values in lua incorrect for humidity and barometer
- Fixed: Typo's in SQLHelper.cpp
- Implemented: Option to create virtual sensors for dummy hardware (hardware tab)
- Fixed: Chime (ByronSX) when turning on manualy inside domoticz
- Changed: Now letting SQLite calculating the date/time for clearing up the short-log
- Fixed: EventSystem, Calling internal URL from within blocky resulted in a unresponsive system (deadlock)
- Implemented: Started with custom icons for On/Off switches

Version 1.0.940 (July 31th 2013)
- Implemented: Lighting2, when a Group On/Off is received, all switched with the same ID will be set to 'On' or 'Off' (internally)
- Fixed: Z-Wave, Wattage scale factor was not initialized
- Implemented: Application settings, mobile view (mobile, or as normal dashboard), iPhone will always be mobile theme
- Implemented: Wind Speed Unit option (m/s, km/h, mph, knots)
- Fixed: Notification for internal combined temp/hum sensors (La Crosse TX3)
- Implemented: Moisture Sensor (for example from Davis)
- Fixed: Wind Speed/Gust should now be translated
- Implemented: Initial Support for Weather Underground sensors
- Implemented: Add manual switch support for Lighting1/Energenie
- Changed: Weather Underground updates now every 15 minutes
- Fixed: Users with old event table could have a crash when starting domoticz
- Fixed: Set RFXCOM mode, Visonic was not working
- Implemented: Visibility Sensor (for example from Weather Underground)
- Changed: Weather Underground updates now every 10 minutes
- Fixed: possible curl bug when DNS timeouts
- Implemented: Scenes, now have an On/Off button
- Implemented: Scenes, Dimmer Level
- Fixed: Drag/Drop of devices
- Fixed: YouLess day measurement
- Implemented: Z-Wave, thermostat SetPoint
- Implemented: Dew Point calculation for sensors with Temperature + Humidity
- Changed: Last xx hours/days graph, Only Gas/Electricity sensors with same previous value will be ignored
- Implemented: Spanish language support (thanks to the community!)
- Implemented: Dew Point notifications
- Implemented: Dew Point logging (not visible yet!)
- Implemented: Razberry (Z-Wave), thermostat/light/temp/hum battery status
- Implemented: Graph tooltips day of week translation
- Fixed: Temperature graphs legend translation
- Fixed: 'No Update Available !' translation
- Fixed: Temperature graphs tooltip unit
- Removed: Device Type on Temperature/Weather tab
- Fixed: YouLess meter structure
- Changed: Dim Slider for mobile items now smaller
- Fixed: Scenes table now includes pagination at the bottom
- Implemented: Raspberry Pi camera
- Implemented: JSon, updating device based on idx (json.htm?type=command&param=udevice&idx=123&nvalue=1&svalue=2)
- Fixed: WU rain sensor (will have a new sensor type, old one needs to be removed)
- Implemented: device name in scripts calls (6th parameter)
- Implemented: Security Panel
- Implemented: Temperature tab, translated speed,gust and chill
- Implemented: Solar Radiation Sensor (for example from Weather Underground)
- Implemented: Dummy hardware device, that does nothing, but can be used for virtual switches
- Implemented: New Scene/Group functionality

Version 1.0.762 (July 1th 2013)
- Changed: Motion Sensors, Off delay now sends 'Off' to Lighting 1/6 devices, and 'No Motion' to X10 motion sensors
- Implemented: On/Off switches, Off Delay option
- Implemented: BMP085 I2C sensor (Rasberry Pi/arm only)
- Fixed: Sharing of Voltcraft,Razberry,BMP085
- Implemented: BMP085 altitude display
- Implemented: BMP085 Possible forecast, still need exact method
- Implemented: Blinds Stop button
- Fixed: Setup dropdown, users/notifications selection highlight
- Implemented: Global hardware sharing system (application settings, user manager)
- Implemented: Shared clients can now control switches
- Fixed: Some RFXCOM protocols could not be set in the hardware setup (Meiantech,Visonic,FS20,RSL)
- Implemented: Latest RFXCOM SDK (#67)
- Changed: Wind Station LaCrosse WS2300 will not display 'gust' any more
- Fixed: Ampersand in name could cause domoticz to go in endless loop
- Fixed: CM119/160/180 Energy Usage values
- Implemented: Initial language translation
- Implemented: German language support (thanks to the community!)
- Fixed: Hardware Setup, the selected existing hardware could not match with the hardware type dropdown
- Fixed: Hardware Setup, Mode button for RFXCom back again
- Fixed: CM119/160/180 Energy daily values (for readers with a very high counter)
- Implemented: French language support (thanks to the community!)
- Fixed: Notification translations
- Implemented: Lighting2, when a Group Off is received, all switched with the same ID will be set to 'Off' (internally)
- Implemented: Z-Wave Temp/Humidity sensor
- Changed: Wind Station LaCrosse WS2300 will again display 'gust'
- Changed: WindType5 (WS2300) will not display speed in widgets
- Implemented: Lux Meter Type (Currently used by Z-Wave hardware)
- Implemented: X10 Security Arm/Disarm from dashboard/switches tab
- Removed: Altitude from BMP085 sensor
- Implemented: X10 Security Remote Arm Home/Arm Away prompt
- Fixed: Possible read error for YouLess devices (extra space in front of total power)
- Fixed: Camera Snapshot emailing
- Implemented: Scenes can now be re-ordered (dashboard/scenes tab)
- Implemented: Dimmer devices keep there dim value when not setting the level (on/off)
- Implemented: Italian language support (thanks to the community!)
- Implemented: User now sees only allowed devices
- Implemented: X10 Security Remote, When status is 'Panic' the alarm can now be disarmed
- Implemented: Now possible to switch remote hardware
- Changed: Only RAEX blinds will not show a 'stop' button

Version 1.0.666 (May 28th 2013)
- Implemented: Settings, Doorbell could be send as 'Group On' or 'On' command
- Fixed: Power Usage Graph, Problem with other devices then P1 Smart Meter
- Implemented: Settings, Option to specify P1 Smart Meter Type (with/without Decimals)
- Implemented: User Editor
- Implemented: Settings Email, option to send camera snapshots as attachment
- Implemented: Enabled Timer support for Push On/Off light/switch devices
- Implemented: 1-Wire sensor support (temperature at the moment, w1-gpio, w1-therm) see Wiki pages
- Implemented: 1-Wire OWFS sensor support, see Wiki pages
- Implemented: Clicking on the version number now displays the history file
- Fixed: Data for the last selected day in the custom short term graph was not shown
- Changed: 1-Wire OWFS, ignoring ID=0 when temp is also 0
- Fixed: Light/Switch type 'Door Lock' on Lights tab showed initially a wrong icon for the 'Open' state
- Fixed: Settings Email, now possible to send a test email without username/password
- Implemented: Option to enable/disable menus from application settings
- Implemented: Option to request list of all timers via JSON (gettimerlist)
- Implemented: Option to send Notifications (Setup -> More options)
- Implemented: Option to backup database (Setup -> Application Settings left menu)
- Fixed: notification.png now included in SVN (caused browser cache problems)
- Changed: Door bells do not display a status message anymore
- Changed: Web users not loaded when no Application Settings admin account is specified
- Fixed: Voltcraft C020 value reading corrected for little endian systems
- Changed: Reorganized main menu
- Implemented: Devices Overview, added device Idx
- Changed: generic little endian detection algorithm
- Implemented: 1-Wire startup delay
- Implemented: Application Settings, Notification Interval for Sensors/Switches
- Implemented: support for 1-Wire with hubs
- Implemented: 1-Wire Humidity sensors
- Implemented: 1-Wire aux sub-folders
- Changed: command line parameter -logfile is not -log (do not enable logging, only if needed, use the application log viewer)
- Fixed: Switched tab, initial Push-On icon was set to off
- Fixed: Windows installer now includes scripts folder
- Fixed: Light Log graph, "Group Off" now seen as Off
- Changed: meta viewport, removed device-width option
- Implemented: Blinds now always have open/close buttons

Version 1.0.607 (May 11th 2013)
- Changed: Rego6XX Type setting moved to the hardware settings in the same way as RFXtrx setup is done
- Removed: patch for 'Better day value calculation' for multimeter devices (Like P1 Smart Meter electra), not needed
- Fixed: TE923 (Weather stations) hardware can now be shared
- Fixed: Push On delayed Off was deleted from queue, and was being send
- Implemented: Latest RFXCOM SDK (#66)
- Implemented: when a light/switch is pressed an optional script can be started (see scripts/readme.txt)
- Fixed: background scripts now outside of mutex (could cause a lock)
- Changed: Normal script calls should now use the 'params' option for parameters
- Fixed: Scene 'Learn' code option can now be used with already known switches
- Fixed: webgui update auto restart (caused by script changes)
- Implemented: Email Notifications
- Implemented: Email now via Curl library
- Implemented: Experimental Light Log graph
- Implemented: IP-Camera setup, and option to send email for light/switch/scene (email setup via application settings)
- Implemented: Email setup test button
- Changed: Notification text 'Greater then' changed to 'Greater Than'
- Implemented: 5th parameter for light/switch script (full status descriptor)
- Fixed: PushOn button Off delay time now handles values above 255
- Implemented: Push On switch type On/Off icon
- Changed: LightwaveRF inline relay, "Open inline relay" now seen as "On"
- Implemented: Razberry (Z-Wave) switch support
- Implemented: Email notifications now send in background
- Implemented: Light/Switch notification On/Off type
- Implemented: Option to enable/disable sending Emails in Notification Alerts
- Fixed: Email now being send with UTF-8 encoding
- Implemented: Razberry (Z-Wave) usage meter sensor
- Changed: Email setup now includes Port number
- Implemented: Temp+Baro sensor, subType BMP085 I2C
- Fixed: Switch Lights Off (Dimmer) now does not update slider position
- Implemented: Light/Switch type "Door Lock"
- Implemented: Email connection timeout (10 seconds)
- Implemented: Support for multiple Email recipients
- Fixed: RFXtrx USB mode option in hardware settings, will now return to dashboard
- Implemented: P1 Smart meter Power, logging of day/night tariff separately (!note: next day value will be low)
- Implemented: Website security, forbidden result after to many attempts
- Changed: P1 Smart meter Power, now displaying real usage in short log graph, instead of peak values
- Changed: ignoring illegal Raspberry temperature (85/-273)
- Fixed: Scenes with a Push On type switch will now only send the On command to this switch
- Fixed: Possible timer problem duo sunset/sunrise reloading issues
- Implemented: Device type Blinds (Safy / RollerTrol / Hasta / A-OK RF01,AC114 / RAEX /  Media Mount)
- Implemented: Raspberry Pi, is ttyAMA0 is free (GPIO/cmdline.txt) it can be used
- Implemented: Volcraft CO-20 Air Quality hardware device (Unix only!)
- Implemented: Date/Time/SunSet/SunRise on every page (except mobile browsers will have only SunSet/SunRise)
- Changed: P1 Smart meter Power, Day/Week graph now displays both meters (day/night)
- Changed: P1 Smart meter Power, graph color swap between tariff 1/2

Version 1.0.484 (April 28th 2013)
- Implemented: Raspberry Pi, updating via the web browser (Settings Tab)
- Implemented: Web Gui, sticky Notification (now only used when there is an update for the Raspberry Pi)
- Fixed: ResetSecurityStatus json return status
- Implemented: Option to display update check
- Implemented: Utility sensors now display their usage value in large font
- Implemented/Fixed: web update now not available for ArchLinux raspberry pi
- Implemented: Version number now read with json call
- Fixed: NMA notifications working again
- Fixed: Visual Studio svn template was not added to SVN
- Implemented: Browser cache is not automatically refresh (with a standby notification)
- Implemented: Notifications for new updates are now send once in every 12 hours, unless checked by hand
- Changed: Temperatures can now be max. 260 degrees
- Implemented: New wind rose icons
- Fixed: Adding Light/Switch as Sub-Device from Devices tab
- Changed: Negative wind direction to positive
- Implemented: Support for the heat pump controller Rego600-Rego637 (Rego6XX)
- Fixed: Dashboard showed all light devices instead of only favorite ones
- Fixed: Sensor Timeout status update in web interface
- Fixed: Rain (PCR800) rate/hour corrected
- Implemented: Add support for Lighting6 (Blyss)
- Implemented: Push On Button switch type (sends an ON command, with option to specify Off delay)
- Changed: Better day value calculation for meter devices
- Implemented: Raspberry Pi onboard temperature sensor
- Fixed: Meter value dupplication checked now performed for actual day
- Updated: Charts Library
- Implemented: Option to delete data point from sensor by Shift-Left click on month/year graph point
- Implemented: Push On Button switch type (sends an OFF command)
- Implemented: Added support for short term data in the custom temperature graph
- Changed: Application Settings
- Fixed: Push On delayed Off was not working
- Fixed: RFXtrx USB mode option in hardware settings
- Implemented: Multi language support for sensors/switch names

Version 1.0.412 (April 1th 2013)
- Fixed: Siren icon on dashboard
- Implemented: New layout, dropdown menu, hardware moved to setting dropdown
- Implemented: Chart tooltip now includes weekday
- Fixed: Option to enlarge the short-log (5 minutes)
- Fixed: Dim slider using now values 1 till ... , 1=Off
- Implemented: New Log mechanism (needed later for log viewer)
- Implemented: command line option '-logfile'
- Implemented: Log Window
- Implemented: Minimized log traffic from server to client
- Implemented: Option to set RFXCOM Mode (enable/disable protocols)
- Implemented: Displaying of RFXCOM Firmware
- Fixed: Deleting a device now also deleted the schedules
- Fixed: Loading schedules only for used devices, deleting otherwise
- Fixed: Stopping of Domoticz with Domoticz share could take 30 seconds, should be 1 not
- Fixed: Domoticz startup script, restart, time between stop en start set at 4 seconds
- Implemented: Mobile desktop, shortcuts for actual tab page
- Implemented: Combined LaCrosse TX3 Temp + Humidity sensor as one new device
- Implemented: Ability to change page / bookmark page using # on url
- Fixed: After/Before Sunset/Sunrise when starting the application (could be triggered next day)
- Implemented: Wind Direction Icons
- Changed: Drag/Dropping sensors now inserts instead of swapping items
- Fixed: KD101 smoke detector battery indication (has none)
- Implemented: Windows, if user has NO admin rights, the Domoticz database will be created in %ProgramData%\Domoticz folder
- Implemented: Windows, no longer need admin rights
- Fixed: Barometer did not show on the dashboard under weather
- Fixed: Only TFA UV sensor will now report a temperature
- Fixed: Light/Switch notification could not be unset
- Implemented: Adjustment value for temperature sensors
- Implemented: multiply value for rain sensors
- Implemented: Scenes
- Implemented: Motion Sensor Off Delay
- Implemented: Sensors that are not received within xx minutes are not logged any more (one hour now, will be in the settings)
- Implemented: Sensors that are not received within xx minutes are highlighted
- Implemented: Wind meter direction is now averaged ( ~10 minutes )
- Implemented: Temperature/Weather sensors now display their main value in large font
- Fixed: Temperature/Humidity display on dashboard
- Implemented: TE932Tool (USB 433Mhz Weather Station, Hideki weather station like IROX Pro X, Mebus TE923 or TFA Nexus)
  ^^(Unix only at the moment! On Windows it does NOT work)
- Fixed: Weather Station Negative temperature
- Fixed: P1 Smart Meter (Gas) now has a timeout of 3 hours
- Implemented: Weather Station barometer now more precise (xxxx.x hPa), and displaying device forecast
- Fixed: Weather Station Rain meter
- Fixed: Weather Station can now handle 6 temperature channels
- Implemented: Adjustment value for barometer sensors
- Changed: Error log now contains date/time
- Implemented: Log now includes sensor name (if known)
- Implemented: Checking for invalid sensor values
- Implemented: Temperature (large) icons now represents global temperature index
- Fixed: Temperature month/year graph
- Changed: Excluded TE293 for windows systems
- Implemented: Started working on support for the CM180i
- Implemented: Unix update script
- Implemented: Scenes can now be added to the dashboard
- Implemented: SQLite faster journal/update mode on non-windows systems
- Implemented: Added SVN revision number to version string

Version 1.0.9 (February 17th 2013)
- Implemented: OWL113 option to display in Ampere/Usage
- Fixed: Dimmer slider (had a hardcoded device index)
- Fixed: Edit Lights/Switches Smoke Detector type
- Fixed: HTML checkbox 'ischecked' property duo upgrade to new JQuery
- Implemented: P1 Smart meter, Gas value now send when changed, or every 5 minutes
- Implemented: Motion Detector
- Implemented: Smoke Detector Off image
- Implemented: 'Delay Off' for Motion detectors
- Fixed: Not displaying the 'timer' option for certain devices
- Fixed: 'Dimmer' on the dashboard on mobile devices
- Implemented: Serial port auto reconnect option
- Fixed: LightwaveRF dimmer value notation
- Implemented: dimmer timer support
- Fixed: Now able to clear light log for security1 devices
- Implemented: temp_hum Rubicson/IW008T/TX95
- Implemented: Latest RFXCOM SDK
- Changed: Manual Add light switch types are now complete
- Implemented: Dimmer change now directly updates the user interface status
- Fixed: Mobile desktop, blind open icon
- Fixed: Day display for Month/Year utility graph
- Fixed: Mobile dashboard slider image redraw issue
- Fixed: Initial dim slider position on dashboard
- Fixed: Possible issue when disabling/enabling/removing hardware
- Fixed: Notification Enable/Disable checkbox
- Implemented: P1 smart meter will update once a minute, or when usage difference is greater than 40 Watt
- Implemented: OWL 160/180/190 logging/graphs
- Implemented: Option to enlarge the short-log (5 minutes) till 7 days

Version 1.0.8 (February 3th 2013)
- Fixed Hardware Enabled/Disabled option
- Fixed Light/Switches timer, time dropdown combobox
- Implemented OWL113 current logging/chart
- Implemented OWL113 Ampere Notifications
- Implemented P1 Energy Meter/P1 Gas Meter/YouLess, usage notification
- Implemented P1 Gas Meter/YouLess/RFXMeter, today notification
- Implemented P1 Energy Meter, today notification
- Removed SQLite MFC runtime dependency
- Source code cleanup (moved things to seperate folders)
- HTML cleanup (Updated to newer libraries as well)
- Alternative webpage username/password reset (resetpwd file)
- Implemented inverted blinds switch type
- When setting switch level = 0, the switch is turned Off now
- Setting a switch level is now done by setting the level to 0=Off, 1..xx for the level
- New (Windows) command line argument (-nobrowser) do not start web browser
- Implemented switchtype 'Dimmer'

Version 1.0.7 (January 18th 2013)
- replaced all localtime function with localtime_r
- Dashboard: P1 Smart Meter Energy does not show the retour values if not used
- Devices Tab: Check if any device is selected to delete
- Support for MAC serial ports
- Error message when serial port get disconnected
- updated to RFCOM SDK version 6.01
- Dashboard now includes server date
- Barometer graph values now displays as whole number
- Meter values now only inserted in meter table when there is a difference in value
- Implemented utility graph 'last 24 hours usage'
- Added jwsmtp class
- Option to transfer old device logs/settings to a new device (for example when the device battery is replaced and received a new ID)
- Youless Pulse Counter Meter hardware implemented
- Schedule item started message will now also report the timer type
- Clicking Top Left (Domoticz) will show dashboard
- Hardware can now be Enabled/Disabled
- Lights/Switches, Contact status now displays as Open/Closed instead of On/Off
- Lights/Switches, Contact Open/Closed icon
- Temperature Custom Graph

Version 1.0.6 (January 9th 2013)
- RFXCOM Lan will now keep retrying to connect when it does not succeed on the first time
- P1 Smart Meter Serial hardware implemented
- P1 Smart Meter TCP hardware implemented
- Fixed: Temp, Hum, TempHumBaro ID
- Option to add a manual LightwaveRF switch
- Chime light/switch status will now also trigger a notification
- Web Protection, option to ignore (local) networks
- Code should now compile also with VS2010 express
- Code now compiles also with Debian (Mac OS)
- Lighting 1, ARC Doorbell is now send with a 'Chime' instead of All On
- P1 Smart Meter, Gas value now only send/update when the value is changing (once every 1 a 2 hours)
- P1 Smart Meter updates its information to shared clients now once every 60 seconds (reduces network traffic)
- Random Timer implemented (On Time timer with +/- xxx minutes offset)

Version 1.0.5 (December 29th 2012)
- Start of History document
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

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@ Mbliek..

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Love Domoticz.... :D :) :) :)
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

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Your list is to long for a forum....
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Re: Domoticz, Open source Home Automation Software

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I did that :D
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