rogue X10 messages as JSRQ...

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rogue X10 messages as JSRQ...

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Hi there,

After years (10+) of trouble-free X10 in my house, I recently run into some problems with many rogue messages containing -after stripping the Voltage, Impedance and Noise levels- J SRQ. 'J' being the address and SRQ the X10 Command (meaning Status ReQuest)

In my setup I've an PMIX as interface, some DIN Rail switches and Dimmers, and some micro controllers for in-wall mounting (SAX15). As I run a 3 phase installation I do have a phase coupler, indicating that there are many errors when these rogue J SRQ messages are being sent out.

The frequncy of those rogue messages are random, as far as I can see it. When they appear they appear in bulk. For a couple of minutes they flood the system, and then they die out, only to come back in another hour os so.

I used to have filters but as I found them rather power consuming I've removed them about 10 years ago and never had troubles.

I can try to get hold of a couple of those and install them again, but I'm not quite sure if this would solve my problem. it *SEEMS* that these rogue messages are X10 originated as the all have the nice X10 format including the preceding $<9000LR format.

Any thoughts of this forum how to determine what is wrong and if I can fins a way around it?

Many thanks!

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