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Re: Car alarm

Postby Bwired » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:40 pm

DJF3 wrote:It was a matter of time but it happened:
Trying to figure out how I can scare potential thieves..
- Put a motion sensor in the car (MS13, Visonic, etc)
- If motion is detected after I go to sleep (Homeseer knows) a HUGE light (bouwlamp) at the front of my house turns on
- This would also make it possible to grab camera pictures (because of the light)
What are your thoughts?

RNS510 is really easy, within 2 minutes I got out your car without any marks, the code is also easy to hack.
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Re: Car alarm

Postby petermdevries » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:21 pm

This really sucks. They took my Skoda Columbus (=RNS510) a year ago as well.

A few weeks ago my neighbours saw some suspicious people walking around my car so I decided to put a Visonic PIR on my dashboard and made an event in HomeSeer such that a 100 Watt bulb will be blinking next to my bed when motion is detected during night. Hopefully they will skip my car when they see a large PIR on the dasboard, but when they decide to break into my car, I hope I can call the cops at that moment. When I drive in my car, I put the PIR in my glove box.

Of course this only works within let's say 30 meters from my home, but on public places I just put the PIR on my dashboard to scare them.
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Re: Car alarm

Postby Jeroen Bartels » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:45 pm

DJ, that really sucks.

I would try the MS13 and have homeseer trigger very loud horns (many decibells) inside car. That will make him slow down for sure.
When the horn's go off have Homeseer dial 112 and maybe play pre recorded .wav file (for 'heterdaad' 112 is allowed)

About the camera's: Don't show the footage to the police but take a good look at it and give a very detailed description to the police ('I saw them take it, or I saw their license plate)

Buy a .357 and shoot his ass. (maybe not a good idea but it will make you feel good for a short time ;-)
(or look up sentry gun on internet)
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Jeroen Bartels
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Re: Car alarm

Postby Noel » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:51 pm

petermdevries wrote:Of course this only works within let's say 30 meters from my home, but on public places I just put the PIR on my dashboard to scare them.

An other good thing to do is to hang a "prayer chain" also know as "Subha" (Dutch: gebedsketting / bidsnoer) on your mirror.
I did not test this, but I've been told by non Dutch people who live in Holland that this will work.
Small note: I've got no clue how this can work,
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