Alarm versus connection to domotica

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Alarm versus connection to domotica

Postby jnathalia » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:32 pm

I have an old Galaxy 16+ alarm system based on an ISDN connection to PAC. As I want to replace ISDN with IP I started to look for an PSTN to IP convertor. However when searching I came to the conclusion it is possibly 'cheaper' to replace my entire alarm system and I hope some of you can share your experiences.

What am I looking for?
An alarm system where my current infrastructure (wired PIR's etc) can be re-used in conjunction with a domotica connection. So for instance using the detection of my PIR's to switch on the lights etc.

What is the direction I want to go into?
I found Aritech and Networx 8E-plus. The Networx is probably the best as this has the best connection with domotica (how??), please comment.

I started with Control4, but probably the system of MiCaseVerde with Vera based on Z-wave is probably much cheaper...

So what I want to achieve is the following:
- Alarm based on IP to PAC
- Use of detection of PIR to control light, pumps (warm water circuit), boiling water etc
- scenario programming when on vacation
- No advanced domotica, but if it allows me I wouldn't say no...
- No streaming of video/audio as I have this already via squeezebox and NAS, but if it can be integrated: fine
- IP CAM's not necessary as I already have this via NAS (Synology), but if it can be integrated: fine
- Alarm min 12 zones (wired), possibly in the future wireless for smoke detectors and other extensions etc
- Perfect integration between alarm and domotica (I know there could be some delay as the PIR is maybe not reacting instantly
- it doesn't have to be necessarily cheap
- I have rack available for installation if necessary

If anybody can help me with some suggestions or practices please share.

thanx a lot in advance.
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Re: Alarm versus connection to domotica

Postby uAlex73 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:24 am

Alarmsystems and domotica are an interesting combination. Normally if the alarmsystem has connectivity, the protocol isn't described/open.

If you want to go for a alarmsystem which is supported by a domotica system, and you living in Europe, i would recommend Visonic PowerMax/PowerMaster. In the Visonic topic of this forum you can find that has been made much progress with protocol decoding and connectivity to system. Vera supports Visonic PowerMax out-of-the-box and very soon DomotiGa will support PowerMax/PowerMaster (we finally got an unit and are decoding, testing and writing the code for it now).
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