quick info - how to control multiple (chained) devices?

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quick info - how to control multiple (chained) devices?

Postby Lexje » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:18 am

Hi forumers,

I've lost it..

I've previously been working with LinuxMCE and also Domotiga.
Just recently entered the world of satellite TV.

Now I'd like to build a remote control that will:
- fire up my Sharp Aquos (physical 220V)
- switch on Aquos
- switch to correct input
- switch on sat receiver
- select channel

Preferably a remote not using IR, so no directional problems of pointing to the receiver.
I have wifi and Rfxcom in the house but am open to anything
It would be nice if it could integrate to have a kind of program menu (EPG or scraped) that can also control recordings.. Not sure what can do this? XBMC or??

I realise this can't be answered by a single post, but any ideas or pointers to possible solutions are more than welcome!!

Thanks for your idea's

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