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homeseer and upc horizon

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:23 am
by labium
i have a upc horizon mediabox , nice gadget but not functioning, the tv guide isnt working you can't see future programs so you cant program records in the future which is THE key function of the mediabox.
the online tv guide works well but commands send from my computer via upc doesnt reach my mediabox.

talking to their helpdesk i suggested to add an interface to the mediabox so you can control the mediabox from your own computer, i explained the basics of domotica and that denon and other manufacturers made an interface on their device to make it contollable locally on a computer, all routers have such an inteface because they dont have a screen keyboard and mouse. The helpdesk employee has never heard of it, he said upc is carefully watching what concurrents do.
It would be nice if i could control the horizon mediabox through homeseer.

does anyone know dvdr's wich could be controlled via eg a webinterface locally ?