Wireless ASCII connection between Arduino and RFXcom

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Wireless ASCII connection between Arduino and RFXcom

Postby Xirilius » Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:56 am


I am building a small box with a matrix led display (digital clock, notification center, rf remote, speaker, piezo-beep all-in-one-thingy with a Arduino) i already can push text notifications, beep sounds and use it as a remote over my lan.

Now i like to connect it wireless to my HC2 and Domoticz (Rpi) so that i can use it everywhere on batteries and without a lan cable.

It is no problem to connect both wireless, the Arduino (with KaKu library) and Domotics (using my RFXcom with KaKu on a Raspberry) but i like to send and receive full-duplex ASCII text

Of course i can create a sketch to translate Text to Kaku or something but maybe there is already a library for the Arduino and a compatible protocol for the RFXcom to send and receive text?


Please don't say: Use Wifi..... i don't want a wifi transmitter next to me in my sleeping room if i choose to put it there......
- WiFi is always transmitting, the Arduino with a 433 or 2.4 TX/RX can 'hibernate'
- Wifi startup time is to slow for just a few transmitted bytes after 'booting' the Arduino.

Also i can build a second Arduino device and connect it to the Rpi (mysensors) but i like to use the RFXcom because i already have it and it works great with the external antenna!
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