Decode Nexa-001 (HIDEKI TS04 sensor)

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Decode Nexa-001 (HIDEKI TS04 sensor)

Postby Novac » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:58 pm

First I want to explain my setup.
In my main house I have Hum and Temp sensors from different vendors and I am using RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz to revieve sensor data.
I also have some Nexa switches and dimmers also working with RFXtrx433E.

In my second home, I am using an Acurite Bridge with several sensors Acurite 06044M and this has been working fine, but Acurite has discontinued the Bridge.
The replacement system I am working on is a RaspBerry Pi 3 with a RTL-SDR dongle.
During the replacement I plan an expansion and I have bought some Nexa-001 (HIDEKI TS04 sensor) Temp and Hum sensors which I want to use with the RTL_SDR dongle.
The reason for not using another RTXtrx433E is that the Acurite 06044M is not supported and cannot be decoded.
The RTL-SDR dongle decodes the Acurite 06044M fine.. BUT the RTL-SDR cannot fully decode the Nexa-001, the Sensor ID is not decoded as it is in RFXtrx433E

Now my question is, Can someone tell how the RFXtrx433E decodes the Nexa-001 (HIDEKI TS04 sensor) some code would be great or would it be possible to add support for the Acurite 06044M in RFXtrx433E ?
I am hoping for some help on this as I cannot afford replacing all my second home sensors

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Re: Decode Nexa-001 (HIDEKI TS04 sensor)

Postby b_weijenberg » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:11 am

contact support RFXCOM
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