RFXCom adding a new Temp/hygro sensor (Bresser)

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RFXCom adding a new Temp/hygro sensor (Bresser)

Postby Roman.E » Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:39 am

Hello guys,

I recently bought a used RFXcom (with temperature sensors), it had wireless RFXCom temp sensors connected to it. The wireless temp sensors work on a (X10 protocol). Within the rfxmanager I could set the RFXCom protocol to X10 and it was able to read the data from the older RFXsensors. I was looking for an upgrade for my setup. So I went looking for newer temp/hygro sensors. I came across the Bresser Hygro/thermo wireless sensors. Now I would like to connect this sensor to my RFXcom, however that did no go as easy as I hoped to. The rfxmanager does not show any data from the new sensor. I also can't find on which protocol the new sensors works.

So my question is, how do I setup my RFXCom for a new sensor? :)

Kind regards

The Netherlands
New Thermo/Hygro Sensor (protocol unknown) frequency 433 Mhz
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Old Temp sensor (protocol X10)
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