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New Domoticaforum in progress

Postby Bwired » Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:44 am

Hi all,

My Conversion script is almost done now, converting URLs and images etc. took some work and I'm still testing.
I'm going to clean up the posts and topics as well, so Answers which are adding nothing or old non important topics Will be archived or deleted.

Soon the forum will be closed for 1 or 2 day's so the migrating can start, keep you posted on that.

Not everything will work the right way in the beginning but you know how to find me, I can adjust your profile or help you!

About the English language HS will be in Dutch and all other will be in English, in the new forum it will be more clear.

Please a special note for all the members to help me on this:
I now see often Dutch topics being started and also answered in Dutch by even senior members or moderators, not all of course :-)
A moderator can change or delete a wrong topic right away, please all help on this, takes me a lot of time right now.
I don't like it so much to remove the topic right away but there is no other way at this moment....

Thanks for listening and I keep you all on topic
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