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Windows Home Automation Domotica Software

Postby Bwired » Sun Nov 18, 2007 4:08 pm

A list of Windows based Home automation software products, any addiotions will be welcome.

<b>Windows Home Automation Domotica Software</b> ActiveHome Pro (X10-PLC,X10-RF) Zeus (X10) ECS (X10-PLC,X10-RF,IR,INSTEON) Mister House (X10-PLC,X10-RF,free) Harmony (X10-PLC)] Home Automated Living (X10-PLC,X10-RF,Z-wave,UPB,IR) Home Control Assistant (X10-PLC,X10-RF,UPB,IR) Home Domination (X10-PLC) Hot Time Software Blue Lava (X10) X10 Control Java (X10) Visual Home Commander (X10) X10 Home Monitor (X10) Homeseer (X10-PLC,X10-RF,UPB,Z-wave,IR) Girder (X10-PLC,X10-RF,IR) ActiveHome (X10-PLC) mControl (X10-PLC,X10-RF,INSTEON) Meedio (X10-PLC,X10-RF,Z-wave,IR) PowerHome (X10-PLC,X10-RF,IR) Motorola Premise (X10-PLC, Lutron, CentraLite, Leviton, LiteTouch) SmartHome Manager PLUS (X10-PLC) SmartHome Manager Essential (X10-PLC) X10 Dispatcher (X10-PLC,free) X10 Controller (X10-PLC,free) Charmed Quark System's (X10-PLC,X10-RF,Z-wave,IR) HomeZix Yanza Housebot Hal2000 HomeNet Homeplanner plcbus HC-SKIPPER Althea
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