KNX software?

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KNX software?

Postby tag2 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:01 pm

Ok, ive build a new house with KNX domotica and Jung components. Lighting, heating, screens for now but more to come probably. No visualisation yet because the money is gone. ETS license is too expensive, the light version cant handle the 33 components i have at the moment. So im looking for a way to see and possibly change the configuration (normally done with ets), but also a way to play around with visualisation or remote control (laptop/iphone). There are some free, opensource, programs out there but i havent found one yet that works for me (hard to use/no manuals etc).
Are there any user friendly alternatives to ets4, which programs for visualisation should i try?

thanks alot!
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Re: KNX software?

Postby Post-IT » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:08 am

The lite version can handle 20 objects per project, many people split the project into two projects and switch between projects. ETS4 Lite costs €100

I've been looking at an alternative in the beginning too... hard to find the software, hard to find software which is as user friendly as ETS4, hard to find software with same or a minimal set of features, unable to find software which accepts ETS plugins, hard to find software with support or a vast community which can help you.
If you are looking for user friendly ETS4 is your best shot. Remember KNX/ETS is not home automation for the hobbyist with wizards which help you through configuration of the components such as Plugwise. I've learned to work with ETS by reading the training manuals (also available at for a small fee) and by going to a KNX specialist and have him explain to me some details and experience related issues.

I was lucky enough to get a huge discount through the at the time ETS4 was launched. I bought the package for around €400 if I remember correctly. I never regret to have bought the real software.

About visualisation, look around on the german forum for affordable options. Domotiga also supports KNX (no experience), but you will need an IP gateway/router in your KNX setup. Don't use a cheaper KNX IP switch, it does not have the multicast function and most software (95%) needs the multicast to send commands to the KNX bus.
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Re: KNX software?

Postby martinisoft » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:18 am

There is a 3th party KNX plugin for mControl.
I liked mControl very much but went away from it because of Z-Wave issues in the driver they use, that arent getting resolved.
(I don't use KNX my self, my setup is Z-Wave only)
I believe mControl and the KNX plugin both have trial versions so maybe it is worth to take a look?


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Re: KNX software?

Postby gjniewenhuijse » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:07 pm

First of all you have to configure your hardware with ETS, there is no other software. Its no HOME HOBBY system.

After you have configured your hardware with ETS and you have your Groupadresses you can start visualizing your project. Your can use:
- Domovea from Hager
- Facility Pilot Jung
- Iridium
- Many Many others.

But first: ETS...
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