Xanura HCB API commands using TSU9600

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Xanura HCB API commands using TSU9600

Postby jlinnemann » Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:52 am

I am installing a new domotica system in house (that is currently being rebuilt). The system is based on Xanura Home with a Home Control Box. For remote control, I am considering the TSU9600. The HCB API allows you to issue commands through an HTTP URL. Am I correct in assuming that you can script those commands for the Pronto and attach them to a soft button?

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Xanura HCB API commands using TSU9600

Postby Henk » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:12 pm


The regular communication between Pronto and X10 is by IR signal using a IRIX35 .. but if you connect the Pronto by WiFi you may issue the following url commands by soft buttons ...... you can test is from a web browser - use the correct numbers - numbers in the commandline are just for an example.

Uitvoeren van macros = MACRO EXEC 7

Variabele zero of een getal = VAR SET 11: 0

Variabele verlagen = VAR ADD 3:-1

Variabele verhogen = VAR ADD 3:1

Variabele waarde = VAR PRINT 2: 0

Timer start: TIMER START 1: 4200

Timer stop = TIMER STOP 1: 0

Timer waarde TIMER PRINT 1: 3594

Bediening van devices: DEVICE ON 2 DEVICE OFF 2 DEVICE DIM 26: 50

You should map the device/timers/macro/variabele numbers and also the HCB IP number may change or you should fix the IP number.

I'm also looking into how to use GET and POST commands available within the HCB ... but this will require php knowhow .... may be somebody is interested to help me on this topic .... looking into how to connect a touchscreen with a HCB.
I will use this knowhow in a future planned HCB course

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Xanura HCB API commands using TSU9600

Postby gjniewenhuijse » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:53 am

Is it also possible to get the state from a device?
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