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TSU 9600 Firmware 7.1.21 with WPA/WPA2

PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:30 pm
by Arjen
Today Philips released a new firmware version 7.1.21 with WPA/WPA2 support

There is also a new PEP2 release

WPA2 support: the Prontos can now be used in a more secure WPA environment. As WPA takes more time to authenticate and associate the response time of a first button press on the panel in sleep mode will take 1-2 sec.

Roaming: Advanced settings in the PEP2 editor allow better roaming behavior (reconnection to another access point when moving the Pronto through the home). See System Properties Network Advanced WiFi button.

Improved control panel response after wake-up: In the advanced network settings you can indicate in more detail the amount of access points used and the used WiFi channels. When set properly this will improve the panel response after wake up.