More cleaning robots showing up in China

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More cleaning robots showing up in China

Postby Bastiaan » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:56 pm

Just found a bunch of cleaning robots in a very big but general store in Shanghai:

They look a bit like the Roomba but when I turned them around they were clearly different. THese ones have one brush that blows it through the body into a collector bin that goes out on top. Seems a little less efficient than my Roomba but looked pretty good. It also had the usually bump and 'stairs' sensors and worked well. Same noise level too...
The different models ranged from simple ones with manual start/stop to fully schedules version with big LCD display. Of course available in a wide range of colors, like purple, metallic gold etc. THe picture shows the demo square they were running on but next to it was a long display with at least 20 different colors and models. No one spoke English so this is all I could find. Prices were disappointing high, between 300-500 euro.

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