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PT Series switches

Postby Digit » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:55 pm

A few days ago i ordered a new wall switch; the PLCBUS 2285 HE from the PLCBUS PT Series Wall Switches. Today it arrived.
The first thing i noticed was the luxurious packaging; it reminds me of the packaging used with the iPod Touch Dock: black, opens like a book, with a look that makes you expect a great piece of high-end hardware inside. And hey, the packaging says: "No wiring necessary"; well that would be great, switching my ceiling lights without using wires! :)

DSC_2256_resize.JPG (66.61 KiB) Viewed 1957 times

The contents of the box were even more exciting; on contrast with the PLCBUS 2265E Crystal Wall Switch i have, this new Wall Switch has a metal plate for wall mounting. And not one of those plates that can be easily bent with your bare hands, but a real thick, solid one. The front plate is also made of metal. This absolutely looks much better and stronger compared to the older Crystal Switch.
The front plate can be detached very easily; there's a strong magnet inside (in the center) of the switch that keeps the front cover at its position, helped by the 4 buttons that stick through the front cover. Smart and easy!

The pictures i found on the Internet weren't that good to show the quality of this switch, so i was quite surprised and happy with what i found inside the box:

DSC_2260_resize.JPG (62.64 KiB) Viewed 1957 times

Information on says this switch has a really small back part: (43.25 x 47mm and only 18.9 mm thick). But that's a little bit besides the truth as you can see from this picture: the back part is 34 mm thick instead of 19; you really need 34 mm depth inside the wall, not 19 mm...

DSC_2265_resize.JPG (94.54 KiB) Viewed 1957 times

The back part has an uneven thickness as you can see here:

DSC_2263_resize.JPG (49.84 KiB) Viewed 1957 times

Time to replace the old Crystal switch with the new one:

DSC_2269_resize.JPG (64.39 KiB) Viewed 1957 times

Programming the switch is a piece of cake; take off the front plate with a fingernail, push 1 of the 2 small buttons for the switch you want to program, send an ON command to the desired address and you're done. Those same small switches can also be used to set the brightness level of the button LEDs to your own preference (but not to 0%).
When one of the buttons is pressed, the speaker that's inside the switch, gives a small 'beep', so you get an audible ACK; this switch is truly double 2-way :-)

I must say this is the best and mature PLCBUS device i've ever seen: good performance, very sound construction and good looking!
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