Newby: climate control questions

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Newby: climate control questions

Postby reneke » Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:56 pm


I’m a beginner into Domotica and at the moment I’m surfing internet to get to know more. In the meanwhile I post my questions here, to make a fast start.
The plan is to make a climate control system for our house. At the moment we are using a Honeywell chromotherm IV thermostat which has every day of the week programmed. This works pretty well although there are some shortcomings:
1) When we leave the house for a couple of hours we sometimes forget to lower the temperature
2) The bathroom is heated all day, but needs to be only only warmed in the morning
3) The bedrooms are not heated, but it would be nice if they could warm up just before we go to bed.
4) Honeywell Chromterm is inefficient to program when you are a week at home: each day you have to press ‘today is Sunday’

Here’s the plan:
1) Replace the Chromoterm (or add an input signal?) with a programmable ‘domotica CPU’
2) Place a (wireless?) IR sensor in the living room and a wireless ‘current sensor’ on the TV-plug, so the domitica system knows if there are people at home. The domotica CPU has a rule like ‘IF (the IR sensor is low for more than 15 minutes) AND (the TV power is less than 10 Watt) AND (time is between 9:00 and 22:00) THAN set temperature to 17 degrees Celcius
3) Replace the radiator valves in bathroom and bedrooms with wireless, battery operated types

1) Which system do you recommend?
2) The IR sensors I know are pretty ugly. Are there any Domotica alternatives which look nice enough to place in the living room?
3) Does the ‘current/power’ sensor for the TV exist?
4) Does the wireless, battery operated radiator valve exist?

Thank you,
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Re: Newby: climate control questions

Postby drmacchi » Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:44 pm

Hi Rene, in this forum there's an active post for "radiator valves" search for it.

then it depends what system you need:

simple, low cost : SC9000 security alarm system : security system that can control x10 devices too and Cm15 pro interface with macro. i know you don't need any security system (may be you need :P ) but sc9000 is an interface that let you controll all by phone too! i start my heating by phone , if i come home earlier than normal.
with cm15 pro you don't need a 24h/day pc on to control your x10 devices , but you set some macro and store in the cm15.

so you can set:

your general radiator valve is (220v) controlled by x10 device, when you leave, sc9000 knows that you leave because ALARM is ON , it will apply some PRE-set conditions that run some events (choose what you want)

otherwise with a PC and Homeseer you have a world of possibilities !
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Re: Newby: climate control questions

Postby mhn » Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:11 pm

In Z-Wave you can use the Danfoss RA Plus-W ... egory_id=4

and QEES power ... urer_id=15

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Re: Newby: climate control questions

Postby Sooty » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:00 pm

There seems to be quite a bit of activity around the HouseHeat / Conrad FS20 system recently regarding integration into various automation systems.

If I did not already have the Honeywell Hometronic system, then I would probably have looked more closely at the FS20 as it's integration possibilities are far greater. I do have basic integration from Homeseer into Hometronic via an RFXIO and a Honeywell IO board, but not room by room control.

The only thing I don't like about the FS20 system, although this is personal preference, is the room thermostats. I think they are ugly.

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