New Home automation project ...

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New Home automation project ...

Postby EBX » Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:38 pm


I'm new into the domotics scene and I'm renovating my new house.
I've been following many forums en infosites for a couple of months now, but there are so many systems around, that it's getting complicated.

I didn't look into X-10 as I heard from many sources that it's just too slow and too old.
And as I just bought the house, funds are low, being cheap is a big advantage :)

What do I want to do ?
- I want to be able to control all lights from 1/multiple switches and a central computer (the need for a <all lights of>-system) (12 light points)
- I want to be able to control LED strip behind my TV (strip still to buy)
- I want to be able to control one 'electric-rail' ( ... -1604.html ) from PC (timed)
- I want to be able to control my autmatic "rolling shutters" (2) from PC/manual swith (now it's only a manual switch)
- I want to be able to control 1 or 2 dimmable outlets
- I want to be able to control my central heating system (optional)

I've been looking into the KlikAanKlikUit (KAKU) systems (same as DIO/Interechno ?) because they are like in realy cheap and seem to be able to handle most of the items I need.

What's a go/non-go for me ?
- Moving all the cables for every light to a central point (there is no space in the electricity clauset for a teleruptor rail)
- So the teleruptor would need to be in the place where the old switch used to be (in the wall)

Why didn't I order KAKU devices yet ?
- I don't need the wireless eveywhere and I don't trust the wireless 100% (it's not encoded or secured - I don't like the idea of my neightbours bein able to control my lights)
- I hate to idea of changing batteries to my switches
- The teleruptors don't have a battery (lucky me), but they need some power to receive RF signals, how much power do they consume (as a wired teleruptor only uses power when switching)
- It's a one way system (not the biggest problem although)
- The switches look cheap

What I'm I still looking for, but is just unfindable ?
- I'm looking for a telerupor that can be controlled on a wired manner (low voltage) and doesn't need a rail (wall-built)
-- e.g. a ... 66&lang=NL

-- but that controlled by a low voltage cable (it should be even cheaper to make as they don't need a wireless module)

-- Same for a wall switch, why can't a just find a switch that reisters the pulse, sends it wired to a central system and let that system decide what new wired/wireless pulse it has to send out ?
(combining it with an RFXcom to handle incoming/ outgoing RF signals)

I just can't find a managable solution like that :( It seems so logic, what I'm I missing ?

Another option I was thinking about is to send all Kaku input devices (swicthes/sensors) to a central unit (RFXCom transceiver), and let it send the signal to the teleruptors
This would enable me to know the last state of every device on the central unit / point

So anyways, I'm looking for advice. Is Kaku the good solution based on what I need ?
Did I overlook something important ? Or did I just forget to look at a good alternative that can help me ?

On the Software side, I'm looking for the homeseer SW, or maybe something I can write myself (I'm a C++ SW engineer). not worriing about that yet

Thank alot !!

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Re: New Home automation project ...

Postby Mdamen » Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:36 pm

Did you consider z-wave?
It's more expensive then Kaku but more reliable. Z-wave does offer security and mesh networking.
For the software side of things you could also consider open source projects like Domotiga or HouseAgent.
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Re: New Home automation project ...

Postby b_weijenberg » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:13 pm

The new KAKU modules (order number starts with an "A") have one out of more than 67 million unique codes so the risk that neighbors control your lights is nihil.
If you do not have selected an electrical curtain rail already you can probably select Harrison which can also be controlled by the RFXCOM together with the KAKU.
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