Where to start as beginner?

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Where to start as beginner?

Postby rogervdh » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:44 pm


We are building our new home and we would like to add some limited domotica. So we don’t need to control the whole home from remote, but we need some basic features. I like electronics, but my knowledge is limited. It doesn’t need to be working out-of-the-box, but complicated programming the system is not what I want. I have read a lot on the forum…but there are so many possibilities and I am a “Dummy” regarding domotica. I would like to control these items:

- Shutters. We have 10 shutters on the groundfloor and I would like to operate them all simultaneously and separate. I would like to use a relay box (“relaiskast” in Dutch) to operate them all at once. But it would be great if I could operate them separate and remote. Each shutter has it own 4-wires XMVK cable to the meter cupboard. So it should be possible to operate them separate.
- Thermostat. We would like to buy a Nefit “CV-ketel” and I know they don’t support the OpenTherm protocol.
- Alarm unit. The alarm unit should be able to contact me by phone and SMS. I would like to have a GSM module with prepaid Simyo SIM-card in the case the ADSL line is broken.
- Energy management. The power and gasmeter isn’t installed yet, but I guess it will be a smartmeter “(Slimme meter” in Dutch)”. It would be great if we can monitor the gas- and powerconsumption.

Further I would like:
- Touchscreen control panel in the livingroom with the possibility to control the above mentioned items. It would be also great to have some apps on it. For example rain radar (Buienradar) or the weatherforecast.
- I would like to control it remote and home with my smartphone or tablet. The major phone operation systems (eg. iOS and Android) should be supported. From home the system can be accessed by WiFi / LAN and from outside by UMTS/GPRS.

My questions:
- Which system can meet the above mentioned requirements and can be installed by myself with limited knowledge about domotica? Which domotica standard(s) should be supported?
- Which extra part do I need for the shutters? 10 shutters should be controlled.
- Can a Nefit CV ketel operated by the domotica unit? The CV-ketel is modulating and probably the domotica will make it only “on/off”?
- Which alarm unit can be integrated? It is important to access the unit securely by the Internet (Web interface or special app). How does it work? Port-forwarding on the router to the internal IP-address of the domotica and/or alarm unit?

I’m using an AVM FRITZ!Box 7270 v2 ADSL-modem/router and Linksys 8-port switch. The PSTN-line has only ADSL-signal (so voice/PSTN is killed). If someone knows a good tutorial (for beginners), it would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.
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