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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:45 pm

ADDED: 4th value for each device.
ADDED: 4th rrdtool parameters. (needs db upgrade)
ADDED: basic support for events, triggers, conditions and actions. See items below events menu and on events page. (needs db upgrade)
ADDED: tryout Google chart graphs on homepage for energy and outside temp.
ADDED: support for device pictures in device editor.
Replaced Devices.Update() for one device.valueupdate(I) routine.
Changed Location page layout so all 4 values fit onto screen.
Changed Devices page to only show the basic values in default view, click expand to see them all.
Logging of Device changes in logfile now works for all 4 device values seperately.
BUGFIX:Fixed bug in ITHO ECO Fan support, wrong name for module used in Devices.SetDevice code.
BUGFIX:Fixed bug in GlobalVar Dark code
ADDED: extra debug settings under Main settings for Devices, Events, Energy
ADDED: Pause button/function to logviewer.

You need to import db changes, there are now located in directory upgrade.


Updated version to 0.1.164 you need to load sql upgrade script.
AIBO code cleanup.
DSC Security Panel support added, thanks Timo.
NMEA GPS parse routine added, thanks Timo.
Bwired XML upload support added.
Added Program uptime.
Only sent battery empty e-mail when needed, if enabled and low.
Changed sql table name for energy usage. (usage was preserved sql keyword)
Made http post/get routines async (you need gambas 2.13.1 or higher!)
Daily Tagline is now a globalvar.
Enable save button on Bluetooth settings.
Rename GMail settings window.
HDDTemp and ServerStats code cleanup.
You can sent Tweets to Twitter now.


Version update to 0.1.165. You need to update your database.
Fixed crontab weekdays bug.
You can disable HE-UK and HE-UE now with RFXCom tool.
Added framework for RFXCom Transmitter support.
Added support for a bunch of Oregon sensors to RFXCom receiver code. Needs testing.
Added code for RFXSensor support. Needs testing.
Added device icon for dimmed status.
Added extended code settings for devices.
Changed device-editor layout.
RFXMeter code cleanup.

Debug screen layout change.
Home screen better error checking.
DNS lookups async.
Added DSC Security Panel, thanks Timo.
And added better error checking.
Better SMS modem initialization.


New version 0.1.168, you must upgrade your database!
Better device query error checks.
Added Interface field to device Blacklist module.
Support for Digitemp 1-wire temperature sensors added.
Added product images support to Barcode module.
Enhanced Barcode user interface.
Control page will be refeshed after DeviceEditor actions.
DeviceEditor has much better input validations now.
Floorplan image browser points to correct path.
Added button to Logfile form so you can load the entire logfile in viewer.
You can now sent a custom Test Tweet from the Twitter setting window.
Added Transmitter tab to RFXCom tools window.
The Weather page now displays images defined in weatherfeeds table.
Fixed problem with closing Plugwise timer.


PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:47 pm

New version 0.1.169, you must upgrade your database!
Code cleanup in RFXComRX.
Added RFXCom transmitter support for X10, KAKU, ARC, please test.
Added Kaku devicetype.
Fixed bug where Heyu interface had wrong id.
Added better error checking to Devices.SetDevice().
Changed tab order of several forms fields.
Added protocol enable/disable fields for RFXCom transmitter.
Added support for transmitter to RFXCom Simulate tool and X10 Cmdr.
Make interface handle null if interface can't be opened.
Made preparations for calibration and divider fields for device values.

Now store Heyu device value changes and add better debug output.


PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:31 pm

New version 0.1.170, you must upgrade your database!
Added RFXCom Transmitter support for newer KAKU and HE devices (AC), please test!
Added Dim level slider to Control page for AC type devices, needs more work.
Small error message and comments change in Devices module.
Save device value with Dim 0 as Off, and Dim 100 as On.
Added enhancements to DeviceEditor to support newer RFXComTX protocol.
Also added check if selected interface supports selected devicetype.
Renamed tool RFXCom Simulate to RFXCom Commander.
Added AC address database field to RFXComTX settings.
Added refresh button to Control page.
Added fix to display Dim icons to Devices page.


PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:12 pm

New version 0.1.171, you must upgrade your database!
Better error checking for Fritz!Box class.
Added database name to window title.
Use desktop settings for choosing the webbrowser.
Added option to database admin tool to erase cdr table.
Cleaned up RFXCom commander code.
Corrected typos in error messages.
Added support calibration and divider values for devices.
See Corrections tab in the Device editor.
Removed the hardcoded ones, so check your values. (RFXMeter/Pulse)
Fixed interface fields for, AIBO, UPS and HDDTemp.

And last but not least:

Added basic support for Z-Wave devices, please give feedback!
Added ZWave Commander to Tools menu.

Only tested with AEON Labs Z-Wave Stick, there is no inclusion support yet,
so you need this or a similar one (MVC)

Switching and dimming works, but needs more testing!!!




PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:32 pm

New version 0.1.172, you must upgrade your database!
Display program version on splashscreen again.
Fixed Fritz!Box parse code, announce in/outgoing calls in program log.
Make menus configurable (see edit menus), was a request for a long time.
Display scrollbar if a menu contains items that don't fit in window.
Query for Z-Wave manufacturer and node type. Please report unknown id's!
Enhanced Z-Wave Commander with more controller info.
Changed Control page, make it more dynamic when window size changes.
Made menu entry for DSC Pane, changed it's disabled message.
Renamed zwave_devices and bwired_devices database table.
Disable Send Tweet button if Twitter support is disabled.
Same for Send Test e-mail, Bwired upload and Send SMS buttons.
Fixed erasing RRD graphs from database admin tool.
Update devices table when a device value is updated and AutoRefresh? is enabled.
Stop Z-Wave timer before module is restarted.
Fixed typo in Z-Wave node optional functionality detection code.
Get realtime values from Z-Wave nodes by implementing command class basic/basic get.
Read supported classes from Z-Wave nodes.
Done some debug message cleanup in Devices module.
Rearranged Camera window layout.

Edit: Forgot to add the new Z-Wave node database fields, you have to run svn up again and import the update script (01171to01172.sql) once more to correct this.



PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:33 pm

New version 0.1.173, you must upgrade your database!
Made more strings translatable.
Timo rewrote his KNX/EIB class code.
Added Client/Server mode to DomotiGa GUI (see domotiga.conf)
Made XMLRPC enabled by default, so server can be controlled.
Domotiga GUI is default standalone, change domotica.conf to "clientserver".
You need Gambas 2.18.0 to be able to use this, because of needed bugfix.
Added XML Client code to DomotiGa GUI, not all features work yet.
Thomas added ZBar barcode scanning (with camera) and support for EAN 8.
He also added the German translation.
Fixed SMS modem module. (tested with Siemens MC35i)
Added a lot of XMLRPC methods, updated version, see API document on wiki.
Fixed bug when you have Outside sensor without Humidity on Home screen.
Added UDP broadcast parameter to settings.
Added simple scan mode to Bluetooth module (set threshold to 255 for this)
Timo added some more functions to webclient's functions.php
Fixed bug where buttons on Control screen where not erased before refresh.
Now Fritzbox phonecalls with be announced in main log, together with caller name.
Tool menu's for unabled interfaces are greyed out.
All WAIT commands are replaced by SLEEP to prevent event race conditions.
Split up client and server settings (see GUI menu)
Use index instead of text for comboboxes, so they can also be translated.
Added some more icons.
Added 4th menu option, maybe for location buttons, not finished yet.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:34 pm

New version 0.1.174, you must upgrade your database!
Added missing routine to Device.module needed for new CEIB.class.
Changed Digitemp.module, you need to change your digitemp.conf and devices.
Serial IDs are now used as address, DS2423 is also supported, read wiki 1-Wire section.
More to come if I can get sample digitemp output.
Fixed but in sql query, Energy logging was broken.


PostPosted: Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:00 pm

New version 0.1.175, you must upgrade your database!
Fixed bug in AIBO module timer.
Added pushtime parameter to BwiredMap.
Added basic LIRC support written by Timo.
Added basic One-Wire Weather framework written by Timo.
Implemented an UDP broadcaster and listener, so logs are pushed to the clients.
Now you can push your sensor data to!
Added support for Dallas DS2438 sensor to Digitemp module.
Display error when settings can not be loaded correctly.
Timo fixed Control page for EIB/KNX devices.




PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:28 pm

New version 0.1.176, you must upgrade your database!
Fix Bwired bug where timer was not started ast start of program.
Cleaned up/rewrote/optimized AIBO, Digitemp and Bluetooth module among others.
Put comments between the code.
Only generate RRDTool graphs for choosen timeframe not all of them (what was I thinking!)
Optimized RRDTool and ServerStats code a lot.
Fixed RFXCom Cent-a-meter and OWL CM119 support.
Added Cent-a-meter devicetype.
Added to database DWS Visonic DS10/90/SD90/MCT302/425
Added to database Motion Visonic MS10/20/90/MCW
Added to database Remote Visonic KR10/21/SH624/MCT234/HP564
And fixed code to support these.


Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:03 pm

New version 0.1.177, you must upgrade your database!
Added basic JeeLabs JeeLink code.
Moved Led On/Off code to Main.module to share code.
Several code cleanups.

Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:04 pm

New version 0.1.178, you must upgrade your database!
Fixed visual bugs in menu editor and main toolbar menu.
Don't display year, show full month in status bar instead.
Fixed bug not updating clock in client.
Corrected several 'host not found' error messages.
Don't stop program if RFXCom TCP/IP data cannot be read.
Replaced AIBO module with a more generic Ping module.
Which displays Up/Down, On/Off, Sleep/Awake depending on device type.
Added basic serial framework for upcoming PLCBUS support, no parsing yet.
You can now specify an unlimited amount of camera's to view.
Added support for Axis Camera PTZ API control via HTTP.
Added support for viewing internet camera MJPEG streams.
You need to have mplayer installed for this.
Fixed bug where DomotiGa standalone hangs after close due to missing BroadcastUDP close call.
Fixed leds not blinking in Standalone mode.
Fixed Midon interface parse problem.
Optimized Plugwise and Bluetooth code.
Added Areacode, countrycode settings for CallerID.
Added basic reverse name lookup via web.
CallerID auto add new contacts to database if you want to.
Display UDB Broadcast enabled/disabled message.
Reload main settings too when they have changed.
Timo fixed DSC wrong checksum variable type.
Fixed KNX/EIB interface type definition.
Better Read event error checking.
Replaced Phone listview control for gridview, is faster, sort has to be implemented.

Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:01 pm

New version 0.1.179, you must upgrade your database!
Changed address format for Oregon, X10Security and RFXSensor/Meter devices!
This will result in better support output, and less chance having address conflicts.
You can enable RFXCom debug to see relation between old and new addresses
and update your device entries accordingly.
Added a lot of Oregon, RFX and other device types to the database.
You have to check if your devices still have the correct type defined.
I have supplied a script called tools/, use it before update
to get a list of your current devices in the database.
Fixed wrong total rain cnt value for PCR800.
Jerome Rieul fixed bugs for Oregon BWR102,BTHR968 and WGR918 sensors.
Egon Kastelijn wrote tools/domotiga.fedora a system init script for DomotigaServer,
read the wiki for more info, he also provided Fedora 11/12 install notes.
Timo updated his DSC class so it can send SMS messages and store security data
in the database so clients will get updates too.
Corrected Interface preference in DeviceEditor for Ping, Oregon and X10Security.

Added several device icons.
Changed log message output. Sent Phonecall UDP broadcast message on outgoing/incoming calls.
Fixed column filling bug. Optimized SQL queries.
Fixed Save button enable bug.
Changed log message output.
Refresh Phonecall list on outgoing/incoming calls. Cleaned up SQL code.
Fixed bug with Bluetooth browser and GetRRSI.
Timo fixed bug with Dim slider on Control form.
Added 'Show disabled' option to Devices form.
Timo added SMS support for Nokia 6300.
Fixed bug where device labels where not being displayed if device value was 0.
Added devicetype for Oregon WTGR800.
Fixed bug to prevent error when dbl clicking empty events grid.
Fixed problems with deleting devices, added more options to Database Database Admin Tools.
Added missing Restart_Astro() code.
Also display on-icon when device value is awake or up.
Fixed bug giving error when selecting blank devicetype.

Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:41 pm

New version 0.1.180, you must upgrade your database!
Daniel Lindmark wrote a module to publish temperatures.
Fixed some more Bwired and Pachube value bugs.

Timo added a bunch of known command classes to the Z-Wave code.
'Infernix' added automatic feed functionality to Pachube module.
Read wiki on how to enable/use it.
Fixed example display code too.
Fixed bug where Bwired module didn't work correctly with non-English GUI language.
You must check/adjust you bwired devices for correct settings.
Fixed bug where Pachube didn't work currectly with non-English GUI language.
You must check/adjust your pachube devices for correct settings.
Fixed form property.
Update year of copyright notices automatically from now on.
Update clock on virtual DSC LCD display.
Make sure new logfiles are created when new month starts.

Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:37 am

New version 0.1.181, you must upgrade your database!
Timo added virtual device type, starting with Security System for DSC.
Added 3-Phase setting for PLCBUS.
Fixed Bluetooth CPU hog bug, network will be scanned in background now.
Fixed Firstseen date not set for Ping and Bluetooth devices.
Fixed Off icon status for Security, Climate etc. lists. (was always on)

Fixed location and last changed columns in device list.
Fixed missing Visonic sensor code.
Fixed wrong code in DSC module.
Updated compiled binaries to latest version.

Re: Changelog

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:50 pm

New version 0.1.182, you must upgrade your database!
Moved GUI code from DSC class to Main module, so now server version is same code as client.
Fixed typo on DSC code when checking standalone mode.
Moved GUI code from VISCA class to Camera module, so now server version is same code as client.
Added support for displaying texts on a LED Matrix of type AM03127, see wiki.
Added support for ATI Remote Wonder and Wonder+ to RFXCom module.
And added device types and icons for them.
Always send Variable mode command after initializing RFXCom receiver.
Cleaned up RFXCom code, and optimized IF THEN cases.
Changed address format of Visionic motion sensor to MOTION[256]S.
Added basic support for controlling Squeeze Players through Squeeze Server API.

Code: Select all
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server TCP interface connecting to localhost:9090
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server TCP socket connected.
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Squeeze Server is running version 7.4.2.
2010/02/16 08:20:44 Current player list:
2010/02/16 08:20:44 ID: 00:00:00:00:00:01 Name: Squeezeslave Connected: Yes
2010/02/16 08:20:44 ID: 00:04:20:17:7a:b4 Name: Squeezebox Connected: Yes
2010/02/16 08:20:44 The Squeeze Server music database holds 54 albums and 690 songs from 33 artists.

Needs testing and will be expanded soon.
Added player device type and device icon.
Added support for APC BackUPS 550 UPS, cleanup code, and removed limit of 1 UPS.
Provided device type and icon, needs testing.
Added support for automatic database upgrades during startup (GUI client only).
Program version is now defined in Main module instead of using
Gambas Application.Version, this was needed for automatic upgrades to work.
Upgraded XMLRPC API to version 0.05, added method for LED Matrix display.
Changed the way Home screen searched for Energy device, you need to add it to
new groups called Energy and Power.
Only display enabled Temperature and Humidity sensor on Home screen.
Change device type of Visonic sensors to Visonic instead of X10Security.
Added device type and icon for Visonic K980 PIR.
Added baudrate of 38400 to RFXComRX settings (only use it if 4800 baud doesn't work!)
Fixed/added missing SendTweet code in Twitter settings window.
Made TextViewer code more generic.
You can now repair and optimize the database from Database admin tool.

Fixed bug with ProtocolSetup call.
Change ATI Wonder key from ? to Web.
Some drives don't report temperature, skip them.