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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:15 pm

New version 1.0.018, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason asked help on forum or open a ticket.

Fixed: Don't display error when smartvisu monitor device is found.
Fixed: Also display device on device logpage when value1 isn't logged, but value2 and higher is.
Added: You can now set a value with json method value.set, this will not trigger device control.
Added: You can now display globalvars on your smartvisu pages by using _var behind item name.
Fixed: WeatherUnderground refresh timer.
Fixed: Renamed option save changes to database.
Fixed: Format values.
Fixed: Made deviceblacklist combo readonly.
Added: Support to send html email.
Fixed: Added a ton of tooltips to action editor
Fixed: Merged select forms into one.
Fixed: Removed unused select forms.
Fixed: Manual select and import of tvguide from settings.
Added: development directory with CPluginFoo example.
Fixed: Moved json-rpc test script to development directory.
Fixed: Added reconnect code to CPluginFoo example.
Added: Reconnect code to KNX class.
Fixed: Made reconnect code for Fritz!box and GenericIO more standard.
Fixed: Select instance #1 by default when adding new device.
Fixed: Added missing ")" to Events.module.
Updated: catch error when eval period
Added: RaZberry wrapper scripts.
Fixed: Small GUI of Splashscreen.
Fixed: Als check for disabled devices when added new one.
Merge branch 'beta-gambas360' of into beta-gambas360
Fixed: Don't autocreate a device if a disabled one with same address exists.
Fixed: Small GUI changes.
Fixed: Install sql files.
Fixed: More KNX DPT tests.
Fixed: DPT decoding.
Fixed: Small code cleanup.
Fixed: Check icon size in device editor.
Fixed: Replace CurrentCost code by new version made by Alan, thanks!
Fixed: Added two forgotten files for file select.
Fixed: Added new devices to RaZberry parse code.
Fixed: Now the GenericIO code also sends the address.
Fixed: GenericIO, fixed TCP reconnect code.
Fixed: Merged some tabPanel tabs, for better user experience.
Fixed: Renamed a few KNX devicetypes.
Merge pull request #17 from danfos/minor_fixes
Fixed: Replaced all tabstrips with tabpanels.
Fixed: GUI layout, made most big forms smaller.
Fixed: Import table of tvchannels.
Fixed: Recreated Graph Editor form.
Fixed: Added missing FritzBox plugin entry.
Fixed: Checks and warning if you want to delete an in use event trigger, action or condition.
Fixed: Some JSON calls.
Fixed: Renamed Pachube to Xively.
Fixed: Rewrote code to support native Xively JSON format.
Fixed: An empty value1 wil be created when you create a new device.
Fixed: Issue with setdevice, added more debug log entries.
Fixed: KNX DPT1,2 decoding.
Fixed: Improve MySensors SendCommand. Not debugged yet.
Fixed: Corrected link in P2000 email
Fixed: Use Gambas implementations of acos, deg2rad and rad2deg
Fixed: Variable cleanup
Updated: Have Serial Port Usage show Serial Device and /dev/serial/by-id information in one table.
Fixed: Changed default RPC type to JSON-RPC
Fixed: Do not warn if XML-RPC is disabled and the RPC-type is JSON-RPC
Added: Check the server and client RPC port to be the same
Fixed: Increase JSON-RPC timeout so things are not timing out on startup on a Raspberry
Fixed: Silently ignore data bogus data receive from the mysensor interface.
Fixed: Remove unused variables
Fixed: Replaced all TabStrips with TabPanels.
Fixed: Check for valid input in multi-trigger.
Fixed: GUI cleanup, made DeviceEditor and EventEditor form smaller. (use tabs)
Fixed: Renamed all Pachube name to Xively.
Fixed: Rewrote Xively to support native json http put.
Fixed: Made GenericIO settings form smaller.
Fixed: Replaced some TabStrip with TabPanels.
Fixed: Added some more serialport browser buttons.
Fixed: Check if trigger, condition or action is used in an event before deleting.
Fixed: Issue with Event editor, when no actions were entered, double creation.
Fixed: Better KNX decode routines, more test data.
Fixed: OpenTherm settings GUI.
Fixed: Disable fetch devices for pushbullet action if not in server mode.
Fixed: Trigger editor GUI cleanup.
Fixed: Pushbullet API key is called Access Token now (as on their website)
Fixed: More KNX DPT tests, bugfixes.
Fixed: Display message instead of error when weather tabs are opened in client mode.
Fixed: Razberry binary on/off code patch.
Fixed: Code cleanup.
Fixed: Additional KNX DPT decoders.
Added: DPT test values.
Fixed: KNX decoding of DPT 5.*, DPT 10.001
Added: KNX decoding DPT 4.*, DPT 7.*, DPT 16.*, DPT 17.001, DPT 18.001
Fixed: Upgrade script.
Fixed: Removed local XmlRpc component, use native one.
Fixed: Removed deprecated LCDNumber controls.
Fixed: Revert to native FileChooser, included component.
Removed: All local Gambas3.5 fixes.
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:58 pm

New version 1.0.019, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher, using Gambas 3.6.2 is recommended!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason ask help on our forum or open an issue ticket.

This version contains mostly bug fixes and code cleanups.
Added is support for Omniksol Solar inverters, Owntracks MQTT message decode.

Fixed: Prevent race condition when connecting for MQTT plugin.
Fixed: Only warn for oversized device icon's.
Fixed: Replaced all webclient icons to 16x16
Fixed: Resized last few icons to 16x16
Fixed: Smaller temperature icon.
Fixed: Small fixed to KNX class.
Changed: More logging when using thermostat functionality
Fixed: Some alignments in the thermostat editor
Fixed: Removed error/warning when saving a thermostat schedule
Fixed: Updated PluginFoo templates, added TCP only version.
Fixed: MQTT username and password enocoding, thanks Alexie for the pointer!
Fixed: e-mail setup authentication checks.
Fixed: Velbus Last.Status typo.
Fixed: Added TCP reconnect code to Velbus plugin.
Fixed: Replaced old reconnect code with newer for MySensor, CUL, HomeMatic, IRTrans, Mochad, RFXCom* plugins.
Fixed: Synced client and server files.
Fixed: Renamed TCP connecting and connection closed strings.
Fixed: Rename of settings_weatherug was missing in the install SQL files
Fixed: Reconnect timer mechanism bug for FritzBox, KNX, GenericIO.
Added: Reconnect timer for OpenTherm.
Fixed: Try to fix the CTelnet (int) error message, converted to more recent gambas syntax
Fixed issue 486 - Any valuenum is now allowed for a device
Fixed: Typo in RFXcomRX interface name.
Fixed: Order of Devices.ValueUpdate params in RFXcomRX TH4 parse code.
Fixed: Added missing Balloon argument for createvalue check in device editor.
Added: Support for reading data from Omniksol Solar Inverters.
Fixed: SQL table device_valuetypes was missing in the install files
Changed: iPhone Webclient DomotiGa is using JSON-RPC (was XML-RPC)
Fixed: Find correct interface for HDDtemp.
Merge pull request #20 from danfos/thermostat_fix
Fixed: Ported XMLRPC Thermostat DerogateHeating functions to JSONRPC
Merge pull request #19 from danfos/minor_fixes
Fixed: Fix HTML email detection for HTML tags seperate over multiple lines
Fixed: Rewrote ParseText so that it will replace all templates
Fixed: Have ParseText not "trigger" on HTML tags
Fixed: Several MySQL query optimizations for device updates and event checking.
Fixed: Get interface id's once for every plugin only at startup.
Fixed: Removed alot of show table calls.
Fixed: Decoding of MQTT publish messages.
Added: Decoding of Owntracks MQTT payloads.
Fixed: Removed spaces in KNX DPT9 values.
Fixed: Small GUI changes.
Fixed: Create upgrade, install files and added new version info.
Fixed: Small code cleanup.
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:16 pm

Happy New Year and Version 1.0.020, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher, using Gambas 3.6.2 is recommended!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason ask for help on our forum or open an issue ticket.
The database upgrade takes longer than normal due to many changes, just wait.

Some highlights:
Added support for SMARTvisu plot.period, Arp-Scan,
RFXComTRX updates (Smartwares Radiator Valve), Conrad 8-relay, IPX800.
Enhanced plugins include Velbus, ELVMax, Wirelesstags, MQTT, JSON-RPC.
Futhermore we switched database to use the utf8 charset.
Included are lots of bugfixes and suggestions by Danfos, Alexie,
Jesse, Wouter, BreFra, ErrNo34, dallco, ruud and many others, thanks all!

Full changelog:
Fixed: Issues with MySensor incoming data parse, thanks dallco!
Fixed: Typo in settings_mqtt sql definitions.
Fixed: ELVMax sendcommand now tested & working
Added: Devicetype for KNX Shutter actuator.
Fixed: Removed old code from closeall routine.
Fixed: Stop the ELVMax timer if plugin gets stopped
Fixed: Only loop through enabled plugins when stopping them.
Fixed: Added check for incomplete msg to Heyu parsing, thanks TechNovation!
Fixed: Made device query more standard.
Fixed: Small log output changes.
Fixed: Moved IPX800 to IO menu
Fixed: Wirelesstags fixed & ELVMax Button support
Added: Support for MQTT JSON Generic format with new devicetype.
Added: Multi-instance support for GenericIO.
Changed: Added initial code for JSON-RPC sub query field filtering
Fixed: Plugin UPS timer didn't stop after it was restart
Fixed: Wirelesstags date format.
Fixed: Added ELVMax device status (auto/manual/vacation) and changed some debug messages to only show when debug enabled
Changed: All tables and char field are converted from latin1 to utf8 charset.
Changed: Settings are checked for numeric input fields
Fixed: Add Wirelesstags to plugin list in database
Fixed: Wirelesstags settings load now should work
Added: Wirelesstags interface options ELVMax Wall thermostat setpoint & current temp working.
Changed: Reverted most _id changes back to id
Fixed: RFXcommander in client/server mode. (collection error)
Fixed: Radiator1 address parsing and client/server RFXcommander.
Fixed: Supply full address including 0x in front when controlling in client/server mode with RFXcommander.
Fixed: Reversed scene_id change.
Fixed: Added new NetworkDetect timeout field to install sql file too.
Added: Timeout settings for Arp-Scan.
Fixed: Missing ) in VelBus plugin for DomotiGaServer3.
Fixed: utf8 changes ` alignment in upgrade file.
Updated: Philips hue, prepare for rgb and different type of lights
Merge pull request #38 from brefra/beta
Fixed: Correct operation of VMB2BLE modules in Velbus plugin
Fixed: ELVMax Wall Thermostat now shows temperature
Fixed: ELVMax devices now get correct names on auto-create.
Fixed: NetworkDetect couldn't save ArpScan
Fixed: Correct operation of VMB2BLE modules in Velbus plugin
Updated: Philips hue, reachable option will be added later
Added: More JSON-RPC calls (will be documented soon)
Changed: Some improvements in JSON-RPC
Changed: Moved SQL of thermostat/scenes into their modules
Changed: Moved housemode into SQL table (config_housemode)
Fixed: Mochad dont look for a address is not set
Added: Arp-Scan support to Ping plugin, now known as NetworkDetect plugin.
Added: Arp-Scan devicetypes.
Added: Extra index to device_values_log table to speed up queries, thanks PixelMagic!
Changed: Improved the JSON-RPC code, made things more generic/flexible
Fixed: Corrected wrong error when no Shell device was found.
Fixed: Made similar code in other plugins more standard.
Fixed: Corrected Radiator1 addressformat, added check for minimum needed firmware version.
Fixed: Added Device Address display to all RFXTrx tabs in RFXCommander, added clipboard copy functionality.
Added: Support for Smartwares Radiator Valves, you need an RFXComTRX433E with firmware >= 233, untested.
Fixed: Crash of PVOutput settings
Fixed: Error while deleting a thermostat scenario
Merge pull request #37 from danfos/various-fixes
Fixed: Still a bug in UpdateRRDs SQL query.
Fixed: Sort also icons in grid sort.
Fix ELVMAX wall thermostat. Thanks to jpl
Fixed: add lux to units
Changed: Changed 'id' fields in Thermostat to proper column name
Changed: Some improvements in JSON-RPC
Fixed: Velbus in Client and Server were not in sync
Fixed: ELVMAX changes
Added: Velbus oled device picture.
Fixed: Added new VelBus devicetypes also to domotiga.sql database dump.
Merge pull request #36 from danfos/various-fixes
Merge pull request #35 from brefra/beta
Fixed typo Velbus loglabels
Added support voor Velbus modules VMB4RYNO and VMB2BLE. Not tested in real live yet.
Fixed: Updated UpdateRRDs of commit:3bd9e579 had a bug causing no devices to be found.
Fixed: error: Unknown identifier: IIf in CELVMAX.class and removed trailing spaces
Fixed: Minor improvement in checking for Null
Fixed: SQL settings_jsonrpc integer values will be always set to 0
Added 'SendCommand' support to ELVMAX. feel free to test
Added: JSON-RPC supports OPTIONS method
Fixed: JSON-RPC will return "host:" header if present in POST/PUT request
Changed: Append _id to certain scenario, heating and constant columns
Merge pull request #34 from danfos/minor-fixes
Fixed: Increase replace limit of Events.ReplaceDeviceVar from 10 to 999. Fix for issue #520.
Fixed: Do not call RRDTool.UpdateRRD multiple times for devices with multiple values that have RRD enabled.
Fixed: Saw CShell.CheckShell.138: erroring out on "Null object", added appropriate handling.
Changed: Some log events were missed their label
Changed: Moved ProgramExist to Util.module
Changed: JSON-RPC SSL error handling improved
Added: JSON-RPC has SSL (HTTPS) support now
Fixed: unreachable hue light and add hue lux to auto create device
Fixed: MySensors sql query still used old interface field name, thanks Ivan!
Fixed: Missing instance argument to FindAll calls, which fixes X10, thanks Ivan!
Changed: Renamed JSONClient.module to Client.module
Changed: Renamed Client.ModuleRestart to Client.Plugin_Restart
Added: Settings for Broadcast UDP
Removed: UDP settings from XML-RPC
ELVMax fixes. Will change value numbers later
Changed: Moved XML-RPC routines from Main to Plugin
Changed: Cleanup some code in XML-RPC plugin
Changed: VideoServer is a plugin now
Changed: XML-RPC server is a plugin now
Changed: BroadcastUDP preparation for Client/Server communication
Changed: Improved IP/Broadcast address detection and logging
Fixed: SerialPort tools could cause an exception
Changed: Removed last bites of xml-rpc client from the code
Update domotiga-empty sql to default location amsterdam
Update domotiga sql to default location amsterdam
Fixed: Client/Server didn't correctly with empty string
Changed: Removed XML-RPC in Client/Server mode, only JSON-RPC is supported
Changed: Removed JSON-RPC workarounds for Gambas Collection, now JSONCollection is used.
Fixed: Accept _value, _valueX or _plotX for SmartVISU plots.
Added: Double click device in log devices view to edit it.
Fixed: Removed ugly mechanism to open device editor.
Added: Menu to devicevalues table in device editor, you can now multi-delete.
Fixed: Increase plugwise busy timeout when a device is not reachable.
Fixed: Serialport selector now correctly returns old fashion port names if no by-id name.
Added: Support for Conrad 8-Way relay boards, thanks Markus!
Fixed: Removed old gambas version check, away with the overhead.
Fixed: Changed way Plugwise poll plugs, it now does it more serial, please test.
Fixed: Added ClockInfo response message parsing.
Fixed: Allow longer address length for Plugwise Switches.
Fixed: Correctly save plugin instance for new devices.
Merge pull request #32 from danfos/minor-fixes
Fixed: Allow up to 9999 seconds for Delay action.
Fixed: Update optional Owntracks values as empty strings.
Added: Also parse the optional Desc field in Owntracks location record.
Merge pull request #31 from brefra/beta
Added 'plot.period' support to SmartVISU module. NOTE: DomotiGa driver in SmartVISU needs to be at version 0.2
Fixed: Plugin didn't register OpenZWave type anymore
Changed: Plugin start order is alphabetical
Changed: BroadcastUDP preparation for Client/Server communication
Fixed: MQTT settings field enable.
Added: Enable settings for MQTT publish and subscribe functions.
Fixed: IPX800 small cleanup forms, code fixes, timer new code.
Fixed: Install db sql code for IPX800 added, fixed missing semicolon update file.
Fixed: IPX800 renamed poll timer and db field, only start it after connect.
Fixed: simple loglabel for instance #1 of plugins. ;)
Fixed: sArgs typo in server code.
Merge pull request #30 from ErrNo34/beta
Merge pull request #28 from danfos/minor-fixes
Add IPX800 Device support
Add support for IPX800 Device
Improved: Added support for Owntrack waypoints, thanks janno!
Fixed: Allow also standard unix --help additional to -h
Fixed: Synced server code.
Fixed: Applied workaround for MaxInstance call in client mode.
Fixed: Issue 506 - RFXCom Commander Protocol/Mode didn't work
Changed: Removed Type_Class/Module from all plugins, it is obsolete
Changed: All $b*Debug to $bDebug in all plugins, to make it more standard
Changed: Development status to current status
Fixed: Made all MaxIntances variable type Integer.
Fixed: Fill Device Editor instances combo with MaxInstances value of selected Interface.
Fixed: Omniksol device icons.
Added: Made Omniksol plugin support multi instances.
Fixed: Small bugs in plugin module that occured when new instance was started.
Fixed: Transformed Devices form tableview to a gridview.
Fixed: Device editor to display correct device instance.
Fixed: Made several Devices subroutines multi instance aware. (needs more testing!)
Added: Fix for sorting dates/times correctly for gridview sorts too.
Added: Multiselect support for Device form, delete, hide, unhide.
Added: Instance column to Devices expanded view.
Added: UnHide option to Devices menu.
Fixed: Corectly resize and display Energy form.
Fixed: Corectly resize and display HVAC form.
Fixed: Match correct MQTT device type description.
Merge pull request #27 from danfos/mqtt
Fixed: Have MQTT handle messages with length > 127 correctly.
Fixed: Stop MQTT counters before reconnect
Fixed: Have MQTT_Ready not initiate timers and subscribe more than once
Improved: Move Owntracks code into seperate DecodeOwntracks sub
Fixed: Velbus plugin shouldn't crash on processing "bad" data
Added: Auto Discover Omniksol inverter.
Fixed: Multi-trigger not working anymore on device values
Added: MySQL Port setting for Docker support.
Fixed: Minor issues in valueboxes in the Action and Event editors
Fixed: Some AND/OR confusion in MySQL Events.module, can possible solve issue 502
Fixed: Some values would't be properly mapped at initial startup (no zwcfg*xml present)
Changed: Dropped support for open-zwave r705 and earlier
Changed: Removed version.* files from repo
Changed: Optimized DomoZWave Makefile
Merge pull request #26 from danfos/minor-fixes
Merge pull request #24 from danfos/mqtt
Fixed: Disable the Broadcast server/client if not enabled.
Fixed: Sort time/data-time Lastseen column in the right order.
Added: Log message when the server is terminated by SIG_TERM or SIG_INT.
Fixed: Make MQTT working with mosquitto again
Added: debug message when evaluation of formula failed
Moved philips hue also to beta
Fixed: Philips Hue user creation
Fixed: Denon - Inverted On/Off
Fixed: Remove old procedure from database.
Added: Version number increased for code.
Added: Width and Height settings for RRDTool Graphs
Fixed: Removed hardcoded graphs size for serverstats.
Fixed: Resize of contents inside Climate and Serverstarts forms.
Fixed: Applied reconnect fixes to all plugins using reconnect.
Fixed: Corrected timeout error messages to timed out.
Fixed: Better checks for enabled field of events.
Fixed: Updated binaries.
Fixed: Small changes to magicpacket calculations for Omniksol.
Fixed: Don't display email account password in logfiles.
Fixed: Email didn't work for password length of 8, 16, 24, etc
Merge pull request #22 from danfos/parsetext_fix
Fixed: Try to fix issue 503 hanging openzwave
Fixed: Do not hang when a global var template points to a non-existing global var
Changed: Improved replacement of global var template text
Fixed: Permissions on gas icon
Fixed: OpenZWave wrapper could hang when shutting down library
Fixed: Reconnect code, more plugins follow.
Fixed KNX commander to work with new database version
Fixed: Allow Omniksol serial numbers between 9 and 10 chars long.
Merge pull request #21 from brefra/patch-1
Fixed DeviceTypeName for DomotiGaServer
Fixed DeviceTypeName function
Added: Icon for owntracks.
Fixed: Renamed device icon.
Fixed: Added solarpanel device icon.
Fixed: Spelling error in Omniksol debug msg.
Fixed: Omniksol auto device create.
Fixed: Display correct address type for MQTT topics.
Fixed: Device value editor GUI cleanup
Fixed: Height of X10 address field corrected.
Fixed: Mochad now sends bright and dim for shutter up and down.
Changed: Updated Z-Wave SDK list
Changed: Added more debugging to Philips and don't abort if the json data is empty
Changed: Bwired, PVOutput, TemperaturNu and Xively can use any value number (not just 1-4)
Fixed: Click on switch in floorplan didn't work
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:34 pm

Happy Easter and enjoy this new Version 1.0.021, you must upgrade your database.
Please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

NOTE: This version only runs on Gambas 3.6.0 or higher, using Gambas 3.7.1 is recommended!
So upgrade your Gambas version first and then start this new DomotiGa version.
If you can't upgrade for some reason ask for help on our forum or open an issue ticket.
The database upgrade takes longer than normal due to many changes, just wait.

Some highlights:

Includes lot's of bugfixes.
Made the following plugin support multi-instance: K8055, 1-Wire OWW, OpenTherm.
Rewrote SmartVISU plot support, you need to upgrade your SmartVISU installation to trunk version.
Numerous OpenZWave and RazBerry enhancements.
Better JSON-RPC support.

Changed: Made K8055 plugin support multi-instances.
Changed: Resize configuration button, this will give a bigger window
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper could hang under certain conditions
Changed: Some code cleanup/optimalisations
Changed: FindDeviceByInterface should have Instance too
Added: jsonrpc event enabled
Updated: reconnect smartmeter of error
Changed: Set default value for busytime.
Changed: Made OpenTherm plugin support multi-instance.
Changed: Added command queue to OpenTherm plugin. (both need testing)
Changed: Added busytime setting to Plugwise plugin.
Changed: Replaced some textboxes for valueboxes.
Changed: Set program version to 1.0.021.
Fixed: Allow up to 3600 seconds for Soft Dimming action
Fixed: Don't send SmartVISU updates for hidden devices.
Added: Publish messages for control of MQTT switches, dimmers, and thermostats.
Fixed: arpscan -> arp-scan in domotiga.sql and domotiga-empty.sql
Fixed: corrected device not found for plot message.
Fixed: Rewrote SmartVISU plot.periode code to support, tmax, tmin and count parameter, needs latest io_domotiga.js.
Fixed: Removed unused vars, code cleanup.
Fixed: Visonic trip timer didn't reset to 'Off'
Added: PowerMaster PIR detection (works 95% of the time)
Fixed: Some English words were translated to Dutch in English mode
Fixed: OWFS could generate an error if the process dies too quickly
Fixed: MySensors plugin would error out at some points
Changed: RaZberry is synchronized with OpenZWave implementation
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper synchronized with RaZberry
Added: Switch control for TEMP08 connected relays, use '01'-'80' or 'All' as address.
Changed: Small logging changes, whitespaces removed.
Fixed: OpenZWave wrapper lastseen date/time could be wrong
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper can handle door locks now
Fixed: Visonic timer would sometimes trigger a reconnect
Fixed: Visonic retry/resend improved Fixed: Visonic B0 messages are ignored in download mode
Changed: Visonic PowerMaster10/30 event log can be retrieved
Fixed: Visonic A0 message will shown a proper date now
Fixed: NetworkDetect would wrongly detect device being up
Fixed: FMain could crash on an empty match of RegEx
Fixed: Gambas auto-correction of syntax
Fixed: UPS is inline with the rest of the code. Added keepalive message
Added: Future C++ Exception handling to OpenZWave wrapper (exceptions are ignored as before)
Fixed: Don't crash if arp-scan is not installed. closes bug 553
Changed: Make value log settings easier to understand.
Fixed: Synchronised Visonic between DomotiGa/DomotiGaServer
Changed: UPS plugin will reconnect now, if the connection is dropped
Fixed: Install SQL files, main/networkdetect settings missed a column
Fixed: menu layout resolved
Fixed: Forgot 1 fix for logallvalueupdates
Fixed: forgot 2 updates in commit
Added: LogAllValueUpdates setting, which will log values even if they did not change. Use this to prevent holes in graphs
Fixed: DomoZWave cURL sometimes could use IPv6, instead of IPv4
Added: Push device battery voltages to IViewer and smartVISU connected clients.
Added: Added support to display dynamic generated battery level icons to smartVISU clients
Fixed: SmartVISU server, only send websocket data if variable is found.
Fixed: Add \r\n to both serial and tcp data for GenericIO plugin.
Fixed: GPS Plugin was forgotten to be added to plugin table
Fixed: DomoZWave always will use as source IP address
Changed: DomoZWave cURL option is set to ignore signals
Fixed: Visonic will automatically restart the downloade mode if it is first enrollment
Fixed: Sync'ed DomotiGa and DomotiGaServer
Merge pull request #42 from danfos/pull_req
Fixed: Problem in MySensors.SendCommand, hopefully fixes @dallco's problem.
Fixed: Remove ^M from MySensors transmit data logging
Fixed: Ignore MySensors stream of null character at start-up
Added: Code to handle MySensors I_VERSION message
Fixed: OpenZWave HasNodeFailed command didn't work properly
Changed: Updated RFXComTRX firmware version list
Changed: Starting work on making the RaZberry equal to OpenZWave towards DomotiGa valueX's
Added device unit km/h
Fixed: Issue 549, DomotiGa will crash if an empty value is passed to RegEx
Fixed: OpenZWave wrapper didn't set logging properly, due to a bug in open-zwave r995
Fixed: OpenZWave Commander could crash on invalid data
Changed: Improved Dutch translation
Merge pull request #40 from danfos/pull_req
Fixed: Added tooltips to Somfy buttons
Fixed: Synced server with client code
Fixed: Only enable advanced Somfy functions if checkbox is checked.
Changed: Improved Dutch translation
Fixed: SerialPort monitor couldn't select port
Changed: Code cleanup
Changed: Removed last bits of WeatherBug from comments and labels
Changed: Removed last bits of WeatherBug from Home Screen
Added: XML to JSON routine in Util
Changed: RaZberry controller/devices parsing improved
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper retrieves librarytype from open-zwave library
Fixed: Visonic now syncs time with DomotiGa
Fixed: Added Arm/Disarm support to Visonic
Changed: Moved Omniksol to Energy menu
Changed: Move Plugwise to Energy menu
Fixed: Don't hang while closing if xPL is enabled.
Fixed: Call SendCommand for non plugins.
Changed: OpenZWave internal index values updates, for future use.
Fixed: RFXCom Commander could crash with a JSON/Collection error
Fixed: RFXCom Commander in Client/Server mode couldn't set protocol
Fixed: OpenZwave didn't execute Dim commands anymore
Fixed: OpenZWave wrapper should handle dubious devices better, if they advertise too many CommandClasses
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper can handle more Z-Wave valuetypes
Fixed: removed deprecated SubMatches
Fixed: Allow decimals for OpenTherm setpoint values.
Added: More Visonic debug information if a read serialport fails
Changed: Improved Visonic logging format
Fixed: Visonic could crash on an unknown paneltype
Fixed: Visonic would crash if not all zones were known to the plugin
Fixed: Gambas exception in Visonic when processing magnet contact
Fixed: Alignment of icons as decribed in issue #542.
Added: Support for KNX Shutter Actuator, needs testing.
Changed: Made Error.Text/Where output identical across the files
Added: CommandClass constants to RaZberry
Added: More device manufacturer information to the RaZberry
Fixed: Better form refresh.
Added: Interface setting to NetworkDetect plugin.
Added: Support "Generic" label for COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL in DomoZWave
Added: Support "Ultraviolet" and "Ultraviolet" label (typo in open-zwave) in DomoZWave
Fixed: Deletion multiple devices in Device list could crash DomotiGa
Changed: Updating RaZberry to be more inline with the OpenZWave implementation
Changed: Added more device information to OpenZWave
Changed: Update Z-Wave addressformat examples
Changed: Standardized RaZberry name in plugin
Changed: Removed some space/tabs from DomoZWave.cpp
Fixed: Open Z-Wave Commander will show Association tab when using NL language
Changed: Open Z-Wave Commander Config tab will save row now
Changed: Alligning Open Z-Wave Commander JSON-RPC with RaZberry implementation
Changed: Removed some space/tabs from DomoZWave.cpp
Add: Moved DisplayBool to Util module
Fixed: Implemented 1-Wire OWW-Text parsing, made it multiinstance, added reconnect.
Fixed: Don't check for validDSname if graphing is not enabled.
Fixed: Restart correct instance for Omniksol and GenericIO.
Fixed: Issue 543 - Value3 was updated incorrectly
Changed: Open Z-Wave Commander group association node list includes also none-existing nodes
Added: SP in iphone webclient, thanks kastelman
Fixed: Issue 538, trying to workaround a bug in the Qubina roller shutter device
Changed: Update Open Z-Wave README file
Changed: Updated copyright, and credits for Open Z-Wave
Changed: Optimized debug logging for Add/Change ValueIDs
Fixed: Oeps, didn't add comments in a consistent C++ format
Changed: Add numeric values to commandclass definitions (makes it easier to map hex <=> numeric)
Changed: Add COMMAND_CLASS_CENTRAL_SCENE to list of known commandclasses
Fixed: Typos in DomoZWave, a few commandclasses had too many spaces
Fixed: JSON-RPC didn't always work properly with gzip encoding
Fixed: JSON-RPC removed "host:" header in responses
Fixed: RaZberry 2.x should be working now
Changed: Introduced Open Z-Wave config value caching, to give a better user experience
Fixed: After a config value change, the refresh didn't always work
Fixed: Make sure ArpScanOutput variable is emptied after parse.
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:35 pm


After an unusual long period without updates we release version 1.0.022, as always you must upgrade your database.
So please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Some highlights:

Includes lot's of bugfixes.
Added support for Velbus VMB4RYLD relays.
Better Visonic Security Panel support.
SSL support for WebSockets and JSONRPC.
Improved components for Serial ports and Sockets which include auto reconnect code and better error detection.
Using them also removes duplicated code, several plugins needs to be adapted to use it.
Added support to fetch weather data from Buienradar, thanks Johan!

Fixed: Small blank space fixes, recompile.
Added: Add new hue light to auto create
Fixed: Buienradar settings when updating 10+ fields
Added: WeatherUnderground search support states, required for our American users
Added: sslcertificate table for HTTP(S) and SSL Socket support
Fixed: Issue 587 - could crash if clicking on defaults
Fixed: Some minor textual issues in Weather settings
Added: Buienrader plugin, thanks to Johan!
Fixed: TVGuide didn't work (anymore)
Fixed: AVControl didn't populate SqueezeServer commands
Fixed: Typo in squeezeserver vs squeezeplayer
Fixed: SqueezeServer issue with stop/pause/start and XML/JSON-RPC
Fixed: JSON-RPC won't give a proper error message if SSL certificates were wrong
Fixed: JSON-RPC could crash if clients were connected when disconnecting
Changed: JSON-RPC shows when it uses SSL or none-SSL
Changed: CSocket uses the standard Gambas "Socket" instead of the "MySocket"
Fixed: OpenZWave disconnect issue
Changed: Updated OpenZWave wrapper README
Added: Visonic parameters for motion timeout, force standard and auto-sync date/time
Changed: Install/Upgrade SQL files
Fix bug #586
Changed: CSocket/CServerSocket started supported for DataType (like CSerialPort)
Changed: CSerialPort exposes the ReConnectRetry to save between new instances
Fixed: CSerialPort didn't stop timer when port is closed
Fixed: CSocket could raise an error if remote is closed too quickly
Changed: CSerialPort supports read/write handling
Changed: CVisonic uses CSerialPort now
Fixed: CSerialPort wouldn't raise the Read event
Added: CSerialPort first attempt to make retry/error handling better
Changed: CSocket raises WebSocketReady when it is ready for bi-directional data
Changed: CSocket server-socket assignment simplified
Fixed: CSocket RequestInURL couldn't be read
Added: Date/Time to HTTP/1.1 responses
Changed: .project file updated to Gambas 3.8.1 and DomotiGa 1.0.022
Added: CSocket also works as client socket
Fixed: CSocket SSL_read blocked sometimes
Fixed: Issue 584 - RFXCom Commander crash with Chime
Changed: Updated MySensors to v1.5, some more work is required to fully support it
Changed: JsonRpcFunction/Server aren't needed anymore, now JSON-RPC and OpenZWave use their own
Changed: OpenZWave plugin uses its own JSON-RPC code
Changed: Minor JSON-RPC internal changes, public to private calls and proper variable naming
Fixed: JSON-RPC didn't close ServerSocket on exit and hangs DomotiGa*3
Changed: JSON-RPC doesn't use JsonRpcServer (deprecated) anymore
Added: Visonic has a device to show arm/disarm status of the security panel
Fixed: Visonic Plugin is more robust with failures now
Fixed: Visonic Plugin shouldn't turn off device if it is a magnetic contact
Fixed: Few small bugs in CSocket.class
Changed: CSocket support WebSocket writing (needs more testing)
Added: ServerSocket partial support for client certificates (not working yet)
Changed: CSocket supports WebSocket reading of packets now
Changed: CSocket partially supports WebSockets and improved HTTP header handling
Fixed: JSON-RPC could generate invalid data, due to a bug in Gambas 3.8.0
Fixed: RaZberry will now use http instead of https when userid/password specified
Changed: Improved HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 handling in CSocket.class. Chunked and persistent connections supported.
Changed: Renamed CSSL to CSocket/CServerSocket, because it isn't SSL only
Added: CSocket can act as a client-socket too (not heaviliy tested yet)
Changed: Gambas warning cleanup
Fixed: Concurrency issue in CSSLSocket
Added: HTTPS (SSL) support for JSON-RPC
Added: Generic SSL Server/Socket component for all TCP sockets
Fixed: Pushbullet doesn't support "All" devices and would give HTTP 400
Fixed: iPhone client didn't work properly if no switch/dim devices existed
Changed: Added more Visonic PowerMaster devices
Changed: DomoZWave uses the new api call for controller commands of the open-zwave library
Fixed: DomoZWave compile warnings removed with latest open-zwave version
Merge branch 'beta' of into beta
Added: NotifyMyAndroid Priority support (Feature #580)
Merge pull request #45 from brefra/beta
Fixed: Velbus VMB7IN counter channel offset
Fixed: DomotiGaServer3 could crash on unsollicated broadcast messages
Fixed: VMB2BLE module and decoding of energy counter message
Fixed: Velbus energy message
Fixed: Publish corrected values to interfaces like SmartVISU and MQTT on valueupdates.
Set Plugwise busy timer delay correctly.
Small sql update and install corrections for Velbus.
Merge pull request #44 from brefra/beta
Added: Support for Velbus module VMB4RYLD
Changed: Use all Onkyo SetCommand commands via SetDevice.
Sync DomotiGaServer with DomotiGa and cleanup scenes methodes
Merge pull request #43 from mroxh/beta
Scene functions added
Fixed disabled resizing of condition editor window.
Fixed deviceeditor now uses correct instance# when checking address uniqueness.
Added new variable to event formula described in feature request #570 (example Dev_1_Value1_LastChanged)
Allow more than one address for Arp-Scan devices (separate them with | char)
Fixed bug reported as #571 GenericIO plugin.
Fixed: Small changes to investigate issues with OTGW and K8055.
Changed: Convert Events view to GridView.
Fixed: Serial Monitor will sometimes crash when closing the port
Fixed: Serial Monitor layout didn't show close button always properly
Added: New upgrade file.
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Sun May 08, 2016 12:22 pm


I hereby declare version 1.0.023 to be released, as always you must upgrade your database.
So please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Some highlights:

Better Websocket and Visonic support.
SSL for JSON-RPC, User passwords working again, using SHA256 for new entries.
CSerialPort/CSocket common code, better reconnects.
Support for RFLink, UniPi and Modbus RTU added (needs testing)
OpenZwave/Wrapper memory leaks fixed!
JSON-RPC speedup and bugs fixed.
MySensor bugfixes and enhancements.

Thanks a lot to all who contributed!

You can find the rest of the changelog here:

Fixed: Modbus plugin fixes.
Fixed: MySensors SendCommand should work now
Fixed: MySensors ethernet keepalive timer should stop on a disconnect
Changed: Modbus plugin uses CSerialPort/CSocket now
Added: Some menu icons.
Added: Modbus RTU plugin code. (first version)
Added: Modbus RTU plugin settings form.
Added: Some menu icons.
Added: Modbus RTU plugin database settings.
Changed: Addressformat example for MySensors
Changed: MySensors improved readability of debug logging
Changed: MySensors sensors get the right unit like temp, humidity, etc
Added: More Thermostat support in OpenZWave
Fixed: MySensor don't request an ack from node id assignment, because it will create a loop
Fixed: MySensors could go in endless loop with ack enabled
Fixed: MySensors replied with I_TIME when I_CONFIG was requested
Fixed: Ubuntu 16.04 incompatibility qt4 vs qt5
Fixed: TextEdit changed to TextEditor (gambas3 3.8.0 and up)
Changed: Temporary broke HomeMatic settings (otherwise Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't work)
Updated: domotigaserver3 server script compatibility
Changed: OpenZWave use the proper content-type internally
Fixed: Memory leak in DomoZWave wrapper
Fixed: Memory leak in OpenZWave
Fixed: K8055 plugin didn't compile on Gambas3 3.8.90 (trunk)
Added: JSON-RPC also support simple JSON calls via HTTP URL
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper does async json-rpc calls now
Changed: OpenZWave wrapper makefile matches the library paths
Fixed: Typo in NetworkDetect for devicetype 13
Fixed: Some controller commands didn't work in the DomoZWave wrapper
Added: DomoZWave wrapper gives more details about OpenZWave library
Fixed: Removed deprecated message from DomoZWave wrapper
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper gives less warning for watch fd #-1
Fixed: CSocket authentication also will work with WebSockets
Added: Started with JSON-RPC authentication function
Fixed: Visonic default setting boolean from '1' to '-1'
Fixed: Update version for new install
Fixed: Upgrade 'field protocol doesn't have default value'
Fixed: Upgrade 'data too long for column description'
Changed: Switched from 1.0.022 to 1.0.023
Changed: MySensors removed missing parameter check
Fixed: Edit Users 'admin' setting
Changed: Default admin password is SHA256 encrypted
Changed: SHA256 is default password schemea
Fixed: Users table admin field should be '-1'
Changed: MySensors plugin uses CSocket/CSerialPort now
Added: MySensors heartbeat timer to detect if the ethernet gateway is gone
Fixed: MySensors default settings had debug enabled
Fixed: MySensors setting UseAck couldn't be configured
Changed: Renamed table sslcertificate to sslcertificates
Changed: Moved SSL certificates to 'Edit' menu
Fixed: RFLink Generic device address shouldn't contain '0x' for hex value
Added: Generic RFLink device to map all not known device
Added: Options to user accounts, now we can use bit-fields to use certain features
Added: Default SSL certificate
Changed: Better allignment of sslcertificate settings window
Fixed: JSON-RPC error handling in exceptional situations
Changed: JSON-RPC setting sslcertificate to sslcertificate_id
Added: JSON-RPC method 'value.get' for retrieval of log (history) data
Fixed: JSON-RPC method is now case-insensitive
Changed: Improved JSON encoding for larger structures (>100kbyte), 2-3x faster now
Changed: Improved user management, thanks to johanvandyck
Changed: Conrad8Relay uses the CSocket and CSerialPort
Changed: Removed unused variable in CRFXComTX
Changed: JSON-RPC will reply with 'application/json' in HTTP response
Changed: RFXComTX uses the CSocket and CSerialPort
Fixed: Removed some unused code from CRFXComTRX
Changed: RFXComTRX plugin uses the CSocket and CSerialPort now
Fixed: CSocket didn't return Byte or Byte[] when requested
Fixed: DMXPlayer setting has to be enabled to select serialport
Fixed: Typo in Visonic Socket reconnect retry
Added: Hiding of not used serialports in the selection dialog
Added: JSON-RPC Server settings supports SSL
Fixed: Some small settings in GPS, Jerome and TemperaturNu
Fixed: Error output of JSON-RPC could be double encoded
Added: SSL Certificate settings
Fixed: Resize Thermostat button bar.
Fixed: Found KNX import devices can now be sorted.
Fixed: Display devicetypes again when importing KNX devices.
Fixed: add hue lights to autocreate list #601
Added: Settings for UniPi
Fixed: DomotiGa could crash if CSocket timeout happened
Fixed: Settings Velbus could crash when clicking "Default"
Fixed: Settings Velbus/GenericIO could click on serial when not enabled
Changed: RFLink can send commands now
Changed: RFLink supports most generic devices
Fixed: CSocket only raise Closed once
Fixed: CSerialPort detects physical port disconnect
Changed: CSerialPort/CSocket debug logging improved
Changed: CSocket WebSocket error will reconnect now
Added: Plugin for UniPi
Fixed: RFLink temperature was calculated wrong
Fixed: RFLink humidity is always decimal
Fixed: CSerialPort error handling revised
Fixed: CSocket can do WebSocketi in client mode
Added: New devices can have proper unit values
Changed: Updated RFLink address format list
Fixed: RFLink stored address is uppercase, should be lowercase
Fixed: RFLink temperature calculations for some fields (protocol description is unclear)
Changed: CSerialPort should have better detection and recovery if the serial port is disconnected
Fixed: BlindsT0-T10 were missing from RFXComTRX plugin in domotiga.sql
Changed: RFLink settings don't need baudrate
Changed: RFLink can create Oregon and Cresta devices
Added: RFLink plugin protocol information
Fixed: Changed window icon
Added: Settings form for RFLink
Fixed: CSocket didn't always release memory if the socket isn't properly closed
Fixed: Memory leak in JSON-RPC
Fixed: Sync'ed DomotiGaServer3 with DomotiGa3
Fixed: Several Blinds1 packet issues.
Added: Action Event to publish to an MQTT topic.
Fixed: Re-apply Visonic database changes.
Added: Blinds1 support for RFXComTRX plugin. (needs testing)
Added: Updated RFXCommander for Blinds1 control.
Fixed: Plugwise plugin now keeps track of plugs not responding and retries to query them.
Changed: Updated RFLink Plugin, fixed temperature calculation
Fixed: RFXComTRX typo (not impacting functionality)
Fixed: RFXComTRX Thermostat1/3 didn't work with new address format
Fixed: RFXComTRX RFXmeter could append 0x0x<value> with new address format
Fixed: RFXCom LED won't be turned off if an invalid packet was received
Fixed : Writing relay status Velbus modules VMB4RYLD & VMB4RYNO
Changed: Visonic supports configurable downloadcode for some PowerMax panels
Changed: Visonic supports standard mode (without downloading information from panel)
Changed: Visonic shows enrolled keyfobs for PowerMax panels (they can't be used for triggering)
Fixed: Clearer address format for Visonic devices
Fixed: Removed debug messages.
Fixed: Plugin protocol field length.
Added: Protocol values for RFXTrx Blinds1 devices, code and devicetypes will follow.
Added support for VMB8PB Velbus module
Added traffic led for Velbus plugin
Added new Velbus module Id's
Changed: Put upgrade fix for issue 589 back
Fixed: Duplicate Wirelesstags Interface entry, preventing it to start
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper can handle more Z-Wave device types (mainly Z-Wave+)
Changed: DomoZWave wrapper supports more alarm types (v2/v3), bug/feature 592
Changed: Update Plugin examples, fully using CSocket and CSerialPort
Changed: CPlugwise doesn't create CSerialPort/CSocket always, only when started
Changed: CSerialPort/CSocket are set to 'finished' now
Fixed: Remove debug message inside trigger editor.
Fixed: Don't translate globalvar type combobox.
Fixed: MQTT understand SP (setpoint value)
Changed: CPlugwise uses CSerialPort now. Also ser2net (TCP) support added
Changed: Minor fixes in CRFLink
Changed: Visonic can support ser2net (TCP) too now
Changed: CSerialPort didn't always reconnect when a device was unplugged
Fixed: CSerialPort would give a not freed message on exit
Changed: Improved reconnect handling in CSerialPort and CSocket
Added: RFLink plugin, alpha version (db changes will follow)
Changed: CSocket client mode can handle reconnection
Changed: Minor typos in Visonic plugin
Changed: Added devicetype values to Devices.modules
Changed: CSocket improved for client WebSockets mode
Fixed: Visonic PowerMax PIRs are correctly updated
Fixed: Improved Visonic communication errors
Changed: Example CPluginFoo will be using CSerialPort
Fixed: Visonic didn't trigger an on/off for a PowerMax PIR
Changed: Increased debug output on the CSerialPort (disabled by default)
Fixed: Visonic could crash if the panel didn't return partition info
Changed: Updated Gambas project files to 3.8.4
Fixed: WebSockets masking algoritm was wrong
Fixed: WebSockets will never mask if in server mode (according to RFC6455)
Fixed: Visonic could give an exception if it couldn't download zone information
Fixed: CSerialPort tried to read data during an event, even if nothing to read (Pi)
Changed: Improved read/write error logging of CSerialPort
Fixed: Autocreation of MQTT devices.
Added: Now guessing content type. (json/generic)
Fixed: Only update P2000 globalvar if msg is new to prevent event triggers.
Fixed view and edit description in device value
Fixed: Extend serialport field length for arduino and velbus
Devices.GetValues will return sorted by valuenum
Fixed: Enlarged multi-trigger form objects
Fixed: Uppercase log entries.
Added: New Visonic database settings to form.
Fixed: Buienrader settings form issues.
Regards, Ron.
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Re: Changelog

Postby RDNZL » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:38 pm


The holidays are over, time for a new release named 1.0.024, as always you must upgrade your database.
So please make a backup of your database and DomotiGa directory tree first!

Some highlights:

Fixes for Buienradar API changes, UniPi, Velbus and more
Added RTU mode and more register types to Modbus
Better RFXComTRX support for newer firmware and more devices
Added TCP interfaces to JeeLabs and Visonic
CTX35, CurrentCost and Denon now use CSerialPort/CSocket

As always, thanks a lot to all who contributed!

You can find the rest of the changelog here:

Added: Expanded setting form with TCP for JeeLabs and Visonic
Changed: Extended devicetype description field lenght
Fixed: Also fix buienradar url for new installs
Fixed: Buienradar new url and better error checking to prevent startup failures
Fixed: Velbus plugin set the wrong weekday
Changed: UniPi plugin should work better with relay functionality
Added: Install sql jeelabs/visonic settings
Added: Modbus RTU/ASCII mode configuration
Fixed: Modbus IEEE 32-bit value type
Fixed: UniPi plugin couldn't decode message
Fixed: UniPi/Evok requires a differen Origin header in the request
Fixed: Detect correct MQTT payload type.
Fixed: Control of KMTronicUDP devices.
Changed: Modbus address can be found in the database, when using a single digit
Changed: Extended queue timer from 100msec to 1sec
ADD: TCP support for Visonic; ADD: Database upgrades for Visonic and JeeLabs
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 32-bit IEEE values
Changed: Modbus plugin supports ASCII mode too
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 4x 16-bit registers with correction
Added: DomotiGa will check if group 'dialout' is added, otherwise it will give a warning
Added: More device icons
Fixed: Edit Users didn't work anymore
Changed: Modbus plugin supports 64-bit values
Added: Two factor authentication support, needs more testing. Thanks Johan.
Fixed: Velbus plugin send a wrong date to the modules
Changed: Removed unused variable warnings
Changed: Plugin debug settings log always show right instance
Fixed: Code cleanup, log settings for all plugins.
Fixed: DeviceEditor crashed during floorplan edit
Fixed: DeviceEditor only shows interface if it exactly matches
Changed: DeviceEditor location/floor editor goes to right tab
Changed: Renamed ProMax device from generic to specific type
Fixed: Modbus plugin device address was hex vs dec
Added: ProMax device
Changed: JeeLabs plugin uses CSocket/CSerialPort now
Changed: Improved plugin logging
Added: Velbus thermostat supports SetPoint
Added: Prowl plugin supports priority
Removed: DSC plugin direct sms support (not used anymore?)
Added: New icons for devices
Changed: Device Editor will only show .jpg name if it is invalid
Added: RFXComTRX supports lighting5: Avantek and IT
Changed: RFXComTRX will warn before writing to a disconnected port
Fixed: domotiga.sql plugin protocol list was still 512 char
Changed: MySensors plugin should support multiple subtype within the same nodeid.childid
Added: Device address can be automatically removed (e.g. for upgrades)
Changed: Plugin logging improved
Added: RFXComTRX plugin recognize Type1/Type2/Ext firmware
Added: RFXComTRX plugin recognize firmware 1001 and up
Fixed: Removed invalid TRC022 interface/device
Changed: Plugin logging improved
Fixed: Velbus plugin sometimes gave an error on date request during init
Fixed: Velbus plugin error output didn't always go to main too
Fixed: PhilipsHue plugin crashed when the device didn't have the 'bri' value, like Osram devices
Changed: PhilipsHue plugin logging improved
Added: Philips Hue Osram Plug01 device
Fixed: Removed 'system' warning from GlobalVar
Added: Velbus plugin supports VMBGP1, VMBGP2, VMBGP4, VMB6PBN and VMB8PBU
Added: Velbus plugin will auto-sync date/time during start-up
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: CSerialPort used an invalid ToString()
Fixed: CSocket reconnect bug, multiple session could exist
Fixed: CSocket write shouldn't ToString()
Added: First start on detection of multiple DomotiGa's running
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper could crash under high load of notifications
Added: First start on detection of multiple DomotiGa's running
Fixed: Directory structure creation didn't work properly
Changed: Updated Velbus devices
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Fixed: JSON-RPC server didn't give an error if the port couldn't listen
Fixed: Velbus plugin didn't scan the velbus during startup
Changed: Velbus plugin updates
Changed: Updated Velbus plugin
Added: More velbus modules
Added: Unit 'ppm' for device values
Added: 2 Velbus devices
Fixed: Restarting JSON-RPC in client/server mode doesn't give an error anymore
Changed: Velbus improvements
Added: DomoZWave support color (RGBW), receive-only
Changed: Code cleanup
Added: Velbus device icons
Fixed: DomoZWave wrapper sometimes crashed
Changed: Velbus plugin code optimized and improved logging
Changed: Code cleanup
Fixed: Velbus setting couldn't configure relayport
Changed: Velbus code improved, better logging
Changed: Removed obsolete warnings and code improvements
Fixed: CXively plugin could crash on invalid data
Changed: Code cleanup/improvement
Changed: Velbus input data parsing improved
Changed: CTX35 uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Changed: CurrentCost uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Changed: CDenon uses CSerialPort/CSocket
Fixed: CSerialPort DTR shouldn't be read-only
Fixed: OpenZWave API could return invalid json data
Regards, Ron.
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