Sense not working in HS3

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Sense not working in HS3

Postby Wima » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:08 pm


I am migrating from HS2 --> HS3 fresh install/PC

New fresh install for Plugwise plugin in HS3 and software Plugwise Source. Latest soft/firmware of Plugwise source.
Pug-in status is "OK" Source Network setting (local host) is enabled.

After activating Plugwise plugin and activating webserver in Plugwise source, and saving, nothing is displayed in HS.
When clicking localhost webserver in Plugwise source, I can see al my installed plugs with no problem and all the matching data.

I did try different network settings in the plugin, with no succes.
Also tried installing plugin Plugwise -Pro but can't find the Sense

Does someone have an idea what it is I am doing wrong here? Normaly it must be a piece of cake :roll:


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