Combining Receiver AND Sender? (AWMT-230/AWMR-230)

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Combining Receiver AND Sender? (AWMT-230/AWMR-230)

Postby ajwkappe » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:43 am


In the living room I have switched outlets. Meaning the right outlet is switched using a regular switch on the wall. In this switch I installed a micro receiver (AWMR-230) and I use a Lightmanager Pro. The reason for keeping the regular swith on the wall is for manual operation AND to keep my switches all of the same brand.

Now my question is as follows: Can I combine the receiver together with the new micro sender (AWMT-230) to make it possible to use that same wall switch to also control a few other KAKU devices in the living room that are NOT plugged in to the switched outlets (using i.e. HDR-105) ?

If yes, I would like to see a drawn schema to see how to connect this...

Thanks for your advises!
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Re: Combining Receiver AND Sender? (AWMT-230/AWMR-230)

Postby nightcrawler » Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:33 am

Hi Alex,

I've got the similar "problem" in my lobby, I have 5 halogen spots in the lobby. And with and ACM-300 dimmer i switch 2 spots from my homeseer controller. The wall switch will have an AWMT-230 sender in it.
When i press the wall switch, 3 spots will turn on without an KAKU device. But the AWMT-230 will send an signal to the receiver ACM-300 and also switch on this spots. I can dim the 2 spots with a few presses on the switch and off course with the homeseer controler.

But in order to let the dimmer ACM-300 work, I had to pull an extra (brown) wire from the wall switch to the sealing.
See this schematic drawing for an explication
Domotica schakelingen.png
Domotica schakelingen.png (32.9 KiB) Viewed 2439 times

But if an other forum member knows an easy way to solve this without 2 devices....let us know!

PS an AWMR-210 in-wall dimmer is also an solution, but with this device you can't dim the lights with the wall-switch.. and with an AWMR-230 you can send an dim function by switching it with short pulses.
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