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The House of the Future as imagined in 1987

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:20 pm
by Esteban
This is from a 1987 magazine. It shows a house in the year 2010, as they saw it in 1987. This is one is kind of special to me as I remember reading this at the time. Although it was not the first time I read or saw something about 'The House of the Future', for some reason this image always stuck with me. And it's one of the many reasons I got interested in Home Automation.

As it's french I translated it for you guys, some of the translations are quite literal as to conserve what was said as much as possible.


P.S. Some things to note:
-All screens have the rounded CRT look.
-All phones have a wire.
-The cameras in the main room look like the HAL9000 from '2001, a space odyssey'.
-The computer in the 'chambre d'tudiant' looks like a typewriter.
-Hey look, the house of the future has the same headphones as SONY had in the seventies hehe


For a long time already, draughtsmen and engineers have been imagining... the un-imaginable:
Robots that cook and doors that open magically. Today, the dream becomes reality.
The first prototypes will be built in about a year, in the United States and Canada. Their shape hasn't been chosen yet, but everything will answer one single need: economize space and time.
Lets just hope it will be cozy to live in!

1. Le Visiophone
It is the telephone of the future! Invented and soon to be commercialized by the C.N.E.T. (Centre National d'Etudes de Tlcommunications), equipped with screen the visiophone allows you to see the person you're calling. You can talk and see the person almost as if you both were in the same room.

2. Le bloc Securiscan
It's the main room in the house. Created by Thomson, the bloc Securiscan functions as a control center. The size of a videorecorder, it is super advanced and controls all the functions of the house. It can program all household appliances, from the microwave to the watering of the lawn and takes care of the surveillance. In case of a burglary it talks to discourage the intruders and phones directly to its "master" to alert him. The Securiscan is at the same time the "brain", the "servant" and the "watchdog" of the house.

3. The robots
The robots plays an important role in the house. The first one built has been named "Hubot", he was born in 1983, in California. "Trained" to simplify daily life, he can, after having been programmed, vacuum, carry a platter, and even... wake up the household after having prepared breakfast, slices of bread included...

4. La "boite aux lettres" alimentaire
Every morning, the robot does the inventory of the kitchen cupboards and gives a list of what's missing to the "mistress of the house". The list is sent directly to the store by computer. The groceries are delivered and left in the food "mailbox" located on the outside of the house. It the food is separated and put in three different compartments: Ambient temperature, cooled and refridgerated.

5. Le bloc cabinet de toilette
Integrated in the rooms, the bathroom cubicle allows one to be indepedent in a minimum of space. It's a "doll house"-sized bathroom, that is 1 square meter. Imagine, to brush your teeth in the mini-sinc, you have to be standing in the shower!

6. Le vidoprojecteur
This is an advanced machine that integrates a videorecorder, a TV and a projector. It can project video cassettes, TV-shows and movies on a giant screen, just like at the movies!

7. La camra vido
Installed in the baby's room, this videocamera is critical for his security. Connected 24/7, it sends images to several screens in the house. This way Baby can play on his own in his room while being watched from another room.

8. La cuve ultra-sons
In the kitchen there's something new aswell! The ultra-sound sinc replaces our traditional one. When dinner is finished, everybody puts their plates in the machine. All it takes is pushing a button so the it fills itself with water and starts sending ultra-sounds on the dirty plates. In a couple of minutes, glasses, plates and pots are washed, dried and ready to be put on the shelves of the kitchen again... The dream! The baby's room is equipped with the same system... to clean the bottles!

9. Les crans
They are everywhere! A centralized screen guards the electric circuits and informatics. It informs the inhabitants of any anomaly: problems with the heating, leaks, a stranger in the garden... It's the "anti-desaster" of the house. The student does his homework on a screen while his parents watch TV... on another.

10. Un micro-ordinateur-sant
The role of this appliance is very important. It monitors the health of each member of the family. The health-computer can in conjunction with the
doctor's office deliver doctor recipes (?) to buy medication or to be examined more thoroughly. Is this the end of visits to the doctor?
Sophie Comte

*Soon to be seen in the 'Centre Georges Pompidou' (Paris) from april 15th till July 10th 1987: Exposition, my house in the year 2010.