scene ID and Zipato box

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scene ID and Zipato box

Postby r.dirksen » Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:54 pm

I use several Fibaro and devices with my Zipatobox. for example the Fibaro universal binairy sensor.
In their manual Fibaro states that with parameter 14 you can set scene activation functionality.
that means that with an input you can directly run a scene. However a scene ID seems to be required.
Scene ID is assigned in the following manner:
input IN1:
switch from “off” to “on” ID 10
switch from “on” to “off” ID 11

In the Zipato box I can't find anything about a scene ID. When configuring a scene there is no place to enter a scene ID.
How can I use this functionality without making a rule for every input?
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