Wireless pulse switch?

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Wireless pulse switch?

Postby hans66 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:24 pm

Hi All,

We bought a new (old) house, which requires some renovation. Renovation will be limited, hence I will not completely re-wire/I will not implement a star system/wired PLC in one central utility closet.

Z-Wave seems to be the a good choice.

Without having any prior experience/knowledge on Z-Wave, my "logical" line of thinking for the renovation is:
1. Have all wall/ceiling distribution/power outlets boxes (centraaldoos...) wired with Live/Neutral and Ground wire
2. Have all wall distribution boxes which require a switch, wired with live/neutral (optional ground) wire, and have stock pulse switches (Busch&Jaeger, Jung,...) installed
3. No black switching wires required anymore
4. Add z-wave relay or dimmer switch module to any wall/ceiling outlet box where I want to connect a light or power outlet (in case I want to have the latter also controlled via Z-Wave)
5. Add a pulse switch zwave transmitter in all wall switch distribution boxes (preferably mains powered, no batteries)

With this configuration, I can determine after the renovation is done, which pulse switch will control which light(s) or other outlets. Hence, maximum flexibility, and simple upfront wiring.

Only problem...I cannot find any zwave transmitter which can be connected to a pulse switch. The transmitters also include the dimmer or the relay (Fibaro, ...)

By using e.g. a Fibaro Dimmer in the switch outlet and still requiring the black switch wire, I lose the flexibility.
Only (more expensive) way out seems to use e.g. a Fibaro relay only for detecting the pulse switches (but don't use the relay capabilities) and use a 2nd switch or dimmer to actually control the light.

Question to the forum:
- Does my logic make sense?
- If not, where does it not make sense
- Any standalone/dedicated pulse switch zwave transmitters available? (I cannot find them)? Or is the only way out to "mis-use" e.g. a Fibaro relay switch? Woudl this work?

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Re: Wireless pulse switch?

Postby raymonvdm » Mon Aug 03, 2015 8:39 am

I think a Z-Wave wireless switch is as expensive as a fibaro dual relay module. So i would go for the relay module. (since this one is available)

Place on relay module behind the switch without any outputs connected. Place the other relay module in front of the load. Associate the module behind the switch with the module connected to the load and now you can control the load on the second module with the buttons connected to the first module without using a controller :D

Or associate the first module with you automation controller z-wave stick (any software will do) and let the automation controller determine the action (Note: When your controller is offline for any reason your house will not function :!: )

Personally i would also pull the black wires to the lamp fixtures so you can eventually choose to use the house as a normal house with normal switches, just for the sake of selling or if technology changes for some reason and you need/want the black wires again :D
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