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Postby Harlin » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:59 am

raymonvdm wrote:Where did you get the prices of there system I have sold on second handed and don`t know the actual pricing of the system. The prices found on the internet (600 euro`s per unit) are quite high. I have contacted Forest Group to find a seller nearby and they respond quikly but there is only a Self Employed person nearby as a seller (I have not contacted him yet)

Just a Forest reseller (interior shop) in Noord Holland.

Saw the motorized rod systemen, redecorating my upperfloor and thats what I want.

Called Forest, they pointed me to a wholesale (no sale to endusers) who had motorized rod + zwave on display. I was welcome to take a look, nice chat and good service. Since a friend of my owns a interior shop is a forest reseller. I asked him for an offer, two rods in two rooms incl mounting. He spend a lot of time calling Forest there is almost NO support on this product, no representative. Anway The motorized rod system became more expensive by the day. From 900 euro for one to finally 1600 euro for one motorized rod. I ended up to 2 curtains yes your price is quite right, with all options and mounting the forest motorized curtain + zwave and remote came around for 1600 euro (2 pieces).

Its a pitty on their website they appear to handle the full range by motor and zwave, but the technical sale support is terrible, to bad its a nice market ready to explore.
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