HS3 Sonos stops playing after TTS

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HS3 Sonos stops playing after TTS

Postby freakstar » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:40 am

Since a while my Sonos stops playing after an HS3 announcement comes by.

Log says the following:
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jul-09 10:38:58       Sonos Error   Error in DoCheckAnnouncementQueue. 100 seconds expired since the announcement started and no end was received.
jul-09 10:38:02       TTS   Speak: ($SONOS$TTS$:*):Welkom thuis!
jul-09 10:38:02       Sonos   SpeakIn called for Device = 0, Text = Welkom thuis!, Wait=True, Host = $SONOS$TTS$:*

I think the DoCheckAnnouncementQueue is the issue, but maybe it is the Sonos firmware what is the issue? Any thoughts?

I tried with and without Wait, makes no difference.
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