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Alarm condition detection Visonic

Postby bartbakels » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:13 am

Dear all,

For my HS3 and others windows visonic driver, I have an issue with the detection of an alarm after entry delay. One of the users use en entry delay on his sensors.

In the original application i detected an alarm event by use of system perimeter alarm or system interior alarm condition AND the ALARM system flag

now i disabled the detection on the alarm flag, because when the entry delay is triggered (but stil no alarm) this flag got high which generated an alarm condition in my driver to early. In the logs which my driver generates i only see zone events upon really triggering the panelalarm after end of the entry delay. Do i have to check every zone or is there another way to detect an alarm condition when en entry delay is configured?

@ rene, maybe can you explain on which conditions you setu the alarm state high in your HS2 plugin?


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Re: Alarm condition detection Visonic

Postby irekz » Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:58 pm


Have a look at my C++ source code: ... x/pmax.cpp
look at: void PowerMaxAlarm::OnStatusChange(const PlinkBuffer * Buff)

there is a call to OnAlarmStarted - and it takes into account ignoring of "delay entry" condition.

Hope this helps.
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