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Adding camera

Postby Tom.b » Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:09 pm


I i'm looking for an outdoor security camera to add to my powermax pro system. First i want to add the powerlink module.
Do you recomend a special camera, where do i have to look for?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Adding camera

Postby Esteban » Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:55 pm


Google is your friend :idea: :

klwilbur wrote:Here is a more complete list emailed to me from Visonic:

Visonic Branded:
CAM2000 - 1st Gen Ethernet Fixed
CAM2000WL - 1st Gen. Wi-Fi Fixed
CAM3100 - 2nd Gen. Wi-Fi with IR Fixed
CAM3200 - 2nd Gen. Wi-Fi with IR Pan/Tilt

Vivotek models:
IP7135 - Network Camera
IP7137 - WLAN Network Camera
PT7135 – Pan / Tilt Network Camera
PT7137 – Pan / Tilt WLAN Network Camera
FD7131 – Indoor Dome with While LED
FD6112V / FD6122V – Fixed Dome Network Camera
VS2101 – MJPG Video Server
VS7100 – 1-CH Dual Codec Video Server
IP7133 - Dual Codec Dual Streams 3GPP Fixed Network Camera
IP7134 - Dual Codec Dual Streams 3GPP WLAN Fixed Network Camera
FD7132 - Day & ht 3-axis PoE Fixed Dome Network Camera
IP7330 - Outdoor Day & ht Network Bullet Camera

AXIS Models:
AXIS M1011 Network Camera
AXIS M1011-W Network Camera
AXIS M1031-W Network Camera

Other Vendors:

Another option could be to ditch the 'view my cam through the powermax' idea entirely and buy a stand-alone IP camera. For some inspiration see the forum's repository.
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