868 with 433 sensors ?

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868 with 433 sensors ?

Postby ggero » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:46 pm

Hi guys .. I am a new user of PowerMax Pro and I would like to ask you about this system ..

My Powermax pro is a greek version with v4.4.20 firmware (868mhz).. It havent any modules inside except the basics (wired connections & tel line)

Please advise me to clear some things in my mind :roll:

1) I have some 433 sensors (6 door,2 QRips) .. Is it safe (for false alarms or other problems) to take some wireless zone expanders to make it work ?(sth like WR-300/4B?)
2)Is my PowerMax upgradable to v5 via serial cable ? I want to put a powerlink 2 inside.. It wants v5 or newer to work .. Basically I want to interact with the system via internet.. I read that I can do that with a TP Link router and some DIY .. Is it right ?
3)The power max pro has a PC serial input .. If I connect a cable like pc motherboards serial bracket, with a USB to Serial adaptor, can I connect from my laptop to programm the PowerMax ?If not what I should buy ?
4)The battery pack of the control panel says "recheardable" .. I meter the voltage output of the contacts (Powermax to battery pack) and reads 0.5-1.8Volts .. is it ok ?

Sorry for all theese questions but here in Greece, I cant find somebody to help me :(
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Re: 868 with 433 sensors ?

Postby uAlex73 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:38 am

My answers:

1) The Visonic will only work with 868MHz sensors (from Visonic). The 433MHz you are referering to are X10?
2) No, only Visonic can upgrade your firmware. Normally they are very unwilling to do so.
3) See the link viewtopic.php?f=68&t=7152. Also the dual RS232 is still available, i bought my in the UK
4) No experience, sorry
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