Programming 2 second pulse for PGM when using main panel

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Programming 2 second pulse for PGM when using main panel

Postby EVO » Sun Aug 18, 2013 2:53 pm


I have a PowerMax Pro and connected a relay to the PGM output. The relay switches a KlikaanKlikuit AWST-8800, which in turn switches KlikaanKlikuit recievers. The AWST-8800 has a timer function which I set to 10 minutes. I programmed the system and keyfob AUX A to send a pulse of 2 seconds. Now I can switch on my lights (KlikaanKlikuit recievers) with the keyfob A button and the light turn on in case of a alarm for 10 minutes.

It is also possible to switch the PGM (my relay) on the main panel by pushing the light button (3) and then number 00. However the PGM then doensn't give a two second pulse then but just switch on 12V continuously.

Question: does anyone know if there a way to program the system to also give a two second pulse when I turn on the PGM (button 3, #00) on the main panel (or wireless keypads)?

Reagrds, EVO
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