Powerlink 2 - Not sending SMS

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Powerlink 2 - Not sending SMS

Postby securit » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:15 pm


I have been having some recent installation problems with my Powermax Pro and its Powerlink2, specifically the SMS facility on the Powerlink2.

Having read through a lot of posts on here I can see that other people have experienced difficulties with the Powerlink2 but I can not find my exact problem anywhere. At this time I have the system setup to email me in the event of certain alerts taking place, which is configurable through the Powerlink2 web interface. Also in this section is the ability to send SMS to a number as well.

I have set this up with my mobile number however when the system generates an alarm all I get through is an email and no SMS, I have the notification settings exactly the same for both SMS and Email. I have checked that the telephone number I have input is correct and I have also tried it with the national dialing code attached instead i.e. Its a UK number so +4477** *** *** however I have not received anything.

Is there a setting within the actual Powermax Pro control panel that I need to change in order to allow this notification? I have switched on reporting all*all for both Broadband and SMS in Section 4.5 however only the broadband is functioning. I have this running through the Visonic test server.

Has anyone experienced any similar problems? I am very pleased with the system as it offered excellent functionality however I am some what disappointed with the instruction/installation manual. It seems like a nightmare!

Thanks in advance.

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