PowermaxPro only send "on" commands on X10

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PowermaxPro only send "on" commands on X10

Postby Duck_72 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:30 am

I own a brand new powerrmaxpro and I just bought a Marmitek XM10E.
I wish to control my external lights with ad AD11 switch.

In my plans the lights should be on on memory and on delay. Disabled in others situations.
After some mess trying the two different cables delivered with the XM10E, I found on this forum to use the crossed one.
I set the switch in one way
Code: Select all
[.]  DEF
[.]  Two
[.]  Way
|[.]| One
|[.]| Way

Then everything started working.
I close the Pmax panel and the day after I found it didn't work any more.
I opened the panel and played around with cables and configuration and it seemed to work again.
I closed one again the panel and everything stopped again.
Now I discovered that I can only send off messages. The led blinks every message I send but only off are working. And the off are working every time!

I don't understand if it's a setup or a trasmission / rj cable issue.
If a put the AD11 close to XM10E it doesn't change.

It seemed to me that unplugging the rj11 from pmax and changing the jumper makes some sort of reset of x10 section of the panel, because every time I dit it everything started to work fine again.
I also fear a defective contact of the rj plug in the panel.

Can signal problems block only one tipe of message?
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Re: PowermaxPro only send "on" commands on X10

Postby Duck_72 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:19 am

Ok, I made some further test.
I opened again the panel, checked once again the jumper and rerouted the rj11 cable cheking the plug.
I made again the setup of the panel, giving a try to "two way" setup.
Then I moved again the AD11 next to the XM10E and now seems to works flawless.
So it was definitely a signal problem that blocked only the "on" packets. The "off" commands were not affected.

Now I want to try using a SVX10 repeater.
Filters are too cumbersome for my setup: my pmax pro is in the attic, next my home "server room", where everything is connect to an ups that is using the pass-through connection of a powerline ethernet device.
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