ip pbx telephone exchange software and domotica

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ip pbx telephone exchange software and domotica

Postby labium » Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:16 pm

i tried today an evaluation version of 3cx telephone exchange software which is a kind of domotica , much more simple as homeseer 3 though. i did this because my old telephone exchange siemens hipath 3000 is based on old fashoined telephone lines and i want to change to sip telephone lines .

I must say telephone lines are the precursors of domotica

does anyone knows some more software with this functionality ?
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Re: ip pbx telephone exchange software and domotica

Postby raymonvdm » Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:08 pm

I`m currently running asterisk for my telephone system as it is a FREE PBX and there are a lot of different distributions available. It supports SIP but also ISDN / PSTN using different cards or gateway`s depending on your hardware choice.

I have my PBX running using a FreePBX iso image (Citrix Xen Server Virtual Machine) and it is connected to a SIP account of my ISP (note: not al ISP`s support SIP for end users) for endpoint i`m using Cisco 79xx phones, Fritz!box router (Fritzbox HS2 plugin) , Speedtouch 780 to connect my Siemens Gigaset 4000 phone ( it just won`t die!)

It is also possible to use a Linksys Phone adapter to connect you PSTN connection to an Asterisk PBX, but it depends on your needs and whiches :D
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Re: ip pbx telephone exchange software and domotica

Postby rovinge » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:46 am

I'm using 3CX the past four/five years without any issues.

3CX runs in a Windows 2012R2 virtual machine on 2012R2 Hyper-V.

I am using multiple VOIP providers

For incoming calls I am using pre-paid SIP accounts with a Dutch provider CheapConnect. I had my original local ISDN numbers once ported from KPN to this provider, which nowadays is a fairly simple process.
Outgoing calls are normally routed through provider InterVoip, which have the cheapest call rates even if you call a Dutch local number. However, emergency and paycalls (14xxxx, 0900-numbers and others) I have those routed through the CheapConnect numbers as these cannot be called from 'abroad'.

With my Internet provider Ziggo comes also a telephone number, which is some propriety VOIP. I am using a Cisco SPA 3102 gateway to pick-up the number from the Ziggo modems POTS port, put it on my internal network and then connect it as a SIP number into the 3CX. If I call another Ziggo number I route that through that line as Ziggo to Ziggo calls are free (as me being Dutch ...;-))

At home on the internal network I am using a variety of Cisco, Linksys and Grandstream VOIP phones. Cisco's are SPA-525g2s and WIP 310 WiFi handhelds, Grandstreams come with WebCams (GVX 3140 and 3175).

Nowadays all phones come with a web page. This allows you to remotely configure and manage one-by-one. You can use 3CX to remotely manage them (called provisioning). At first I had a number of Cisco 79xx phones, but those are more difficult to manage as you need TFTP to push initial configuration files to the phones. Also, SIP firmware and updates are not easy to get if you do not have access to Cisco's support.

3CX itself comes with a free version besides the demo version. This allows you to run at least two calls at the same time. Next are the paid versions which adds more functions. I myself am using a standard version as this gives me some functions I am using at home.

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