Domoticz and hardware setup?

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Domoticz and hardware setup?

Postby MaartenV87 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:02 pm

Hi there I want to discuss my idea of building some automation in my newly build house.
At this moment I'm familiar with Domoticz so I'm wondering if the following setup is possible.

All the cables of my electricity network (lights, switches, contacts, ..) will be connected to my central fuse box.
Switches will be Niko SWC04/122 - cables are signalisation cable (SVV - flex).

At the central point I want to install the smartDEN-IP32IN-BOX ( ... n-rail-box ) that will handle all the switches and sensors.
The smartDEN-IP-16R-12V-BOX ( ... n-rail-box ) will handle all the lights and some contacts.
The Qubino Din DImmer ( ) will handle dimming the lights.

Everything is controlled from a Raspberry Pi 3 with Domoticz and Z-wave USB-stick.

Am I forgetting something? Every advice is welcome :-)
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Re: Domoticz and hardware setup?

Postby raymonvdm » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:37 am

Did you see this topic?

I guess it could work with you`re box, but how do you control you`re lighting when the Pi / Domoticz fails? I also think you should use additional relays for the actual switching of the sockets / bulbs (non dimmable`s) to protect the outputs of the smartDEN-IP-16R-24V-BOX. And go for the 24V version of the units. (It is more easy to find relays for 24V instead of 12V)

Example ... 156916.htm

This one also has manual control in case you automation fails (which it will once upon a time)

Note: I`m not shure how the SWC04/122 is working, it looks like a digital button using some sort of bus protocol. I think you need to translate this protocol to something else before domoticz understands the protocol?
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Re: Domoticz and hardware setup?

Postby rspoe » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:15 pm

Hi MaartenV87,

I have exactely the same situation.
Do you also use the smartDEN to check if a light is on/off? I didn't get this managed yet.

I use the KMTronic to switch relays. So it would be great if I can check the status of the lights (on/off).
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