Cabling request for loxone

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Cabling request for loxone

Postby MarcelE » Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:54 am

Hi All,

I am new to this forum so first of all hello to all of you who are taking the time to read my post. I registered to this forum since I am extending my living room and since I am now able to place lots of cables like Power, Internet, maybe Bus??

My first post already contains lots of questions but I guess that is obvious since not a lot of people register for a forum only to reply on questions from others :D . I already apologize about the mistakes I make in my English but since I am from Belgium I do it the best I can ;-)

1. Cables for electricity are ready and I have no issue in understanding how this works.

2. Now I am about to start with cabling for light and switches but I am having some issues in understanding how I can best arrange this. From my room I will have 3 entry points and of course I would like a switch on all these entries/exits. Then I can put no more then a UTP cable to these locations and afterwards config Loxone to switch the light/led. But what if loxone stops working and I need to be able to switch? I need some kind of backup switch possibility to be able to switch on my light without Loxone. How did you guys arrange this?

Next to that:
3. how exactly would you wire 3 groups of spots, just prepare 3 electricity cable and bring them all to the Loxone miniserver?
4. What about my RGB led strip that I want to put in my kitchen and living room. This is also just a power cable or how do you wire from DMX RGB extension to the LED strips?

5. I would also like to put temperature sensors in living room, dining room and kitchen. All these rooms are reachable with cables and I can put wires wherever I like. Is this just UTP cable which is sufficient for these sensors? These sensors will then control my floor heating by opening and closing valves.

6. at my front door I would like a camera where I can detect if someone is at my door or has been at my door. Is that UTP as well?

7. Then at the end, maybe within 2 years time, I would also like to be able to control my window blinds with the Loxone. How many cables I should use for that? 3x2.5mm2 or 5x2.5mm2.

Thanks a lot for reading my topic and of course many many thanks if you will answer some of my questions.

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