Lighting scenes

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Lighting scenes

Postby Baco » Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:18 pm

I was about to buy new dimmer switches for the seating area of our living room, when I started wondering if there isn't a better solution. There are 3 light groups, currently controlled by 3 wall switches. Instead of each switch controlling 1 light group, is there an easy way to make three "lighting scenes", where each button controls all 3 light groups, but with different dimming levels?

Ideally I'd want a dimmer wall module with multiple inputs, each controlling a different preset scene. I haven't found something like that however.

I'm a bit reluctant to resort to smart light bulbs (or dimmer modules) and smart wall switches, because I don't want to give up the reliability of a hard-wired system to make my home "smarter". It's supposed to make life easier, not more frustrating.

I can't seem to find a suitable smart wall switch anyway. They either look bad, have inconvenient dimensions, or are battery powered. Why aren't there any z-ware (or simular) wall modules that can be mounted behind my own custom switches, that simply send signals to the home automation hub to control the lights?
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