Automate ventilation system

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Automate ventilation system

Postby JeePee » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:11 am


I am looking for a solution to automate my home ventilation system.
I have a system with heat recuperation and it ventilates my entire home 24/7.

The controller is quite simple and should be compatible with domotics in some form.
I got the scheme from the manufacturer for the controller and want to create one using any platform available that is suitable for my needs. (RPI, Arduino, ...)

The thing I want it to do is basically change fan speeds on a schedule, turn heat recuperation on/off, notify me if the filter needs cleaning and if possible change fan speeds based on moisture levels in the different rooms (I have a tado heating system that can read temperature and moisture levels per room and it is compatible with IFTTT).

Here are the details of the current controller, can anyone point me in a direction of hardware/software that can do this ?

1: Kathode, GND for LED's
2: Green LED
3: GND -
4: Dimmer 0-10 Volts
5: +10 Volts
6: Heat recuperation
7: Heat recuperation
8: Red LED


I have little to no experience with creating my own hardware to control things but I do know how to write software.

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